why,as human we have this desire to live forever, we are so scared to die we dont even think about it? but yet we do so little to live longer,we smoke, drink, over eat, or under eat and every think we eat is unhealthy, we are promiscuous, we over spend, and none of it is healthy for us, we do not excerise or visit the doctor, and in the processe we are distroying the earth!!!!! ironic?

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hey am a buzy person, and the bible seems like an outdated version of harry potter

four days and counting.... I'm officially deleting this from my saved library. Good luck.

you don't believe in God?

you lost me, when you mention the bible

My answer is simple. We are human and all in search of Love. Speaking from a biblical standpoint. God is love and love is God. Since we left the Garden of Eden, this utopia where you saw God face to face during conversation (now know as prayer) a place of reality that provided and fulfilled every desire; (going from having anything you want in life to fighting and scraping for comfort and stability) has become increasingly painful. We want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. ( to be continued )