Mixed Up And Loving It!

It causes much amusement to people who know me that my music taste will go from something from the Bonkers CDs/ something dancy or trancy to something like Marilyn Manson. It's often dependant on mood but sometimes for no reason I'll go for really random combinations. I'm also partial to some country music and have a love of industrial music. I am known for my fondness of weird and slightly creepy music like Nurse With Wound and sometimes get teased for liking Abba and Queen. =P


I personally think it's lovely that I can find at least one thing musically in common with most people I meet. Sure as heck comes in use when trying to find a compromise for music to play in the background. I find it easier to tell people what I don't like than to go through an extensive list of things I'm able to enjoy.

Cynanthrope Cynanthrope
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Great to hear from someone who has similar musical tastes. My Ipod is crammed with everything...keep it up!!! Music definitely "helps" the world go round