Working Out In The Virtual World

So last night I was dancing with this guy I really like on playstation home.  I like him so much because he is happy just to be with me in this virtual way.  Unlike most other guys who have desires which they are trying to fulfill by using me.  But it's not long before some other guy moves his avatar into my space and brings me down with his rudeness.  I ask him nicely to get out of my road but he refuses.  I then try to block him from being so close to me but find that I got knocked off line along with everyone else around me.

  So I come back to home and find the friend I like and we continue dancing together.  Then I start getting invites from a guy who wants to talk privately to me because he has a problem.  Well I don't come on home to listen privately to someone's problems so I just ignore him.  Finally he gets tired of sending me unanswered invites and shows up to let me know how pissed off he is at me.  Wonderful!!  Fortunately the guy I like starts talking to the guy with problems and I am left alone to dance by myself.  But at this point it feels good to be alone and not having to deal with male problems. 

  I'm not alone for long when a girl friend shows up and she and I dance together.  Then before long a couple of her friends show up and there are four or five of us dancing together.  Which can be fun sometimes if you are up for trying to text with four or five people at the same time that you don't know.  Then before long another one of my guy friends shows up and wants to play a video game with me and I say yes because I really feel I need to get some of my frustrations out on the male gender.  We play this fighting game and I beat him three out of three games which his male ego has a lot of trouble handling but which makes me feel much better.  I should be nicer I guess but sometimes the people in the world need to eat their own karma for a change.
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do you ever go on second life

no I haven't tried second life, I'll look it up thanks