Million Stories

Recently i visited camp of people who displaced because of war, I stayed two days there, but i could not sleep whole nite, each one was telling their own true story, the relatives they lost, the injured the suffereings.. that we cannot imagine, I saw there how people just struggline for water, for medicines, for basic food items, i was there among them and was feeling so helpless, i was feeling so helpless that people were suffereing infront of me and i was just speechless at that moment i was thinking that i wish i know magic, so i can replece their sufferings and pains with relief and happiness. I experienced millions of live  stories were walking around me..

I was thinking Why always civilians pay the highest price in conflicts, and people who plan such wars  from their air conditioned rooms did not have hearts that for their lust of control and power they are destroying the millions people life, they are making the dozens of generations sick and forcing them towards the corner, can with such injustice we can wish for a peaceful world in future, why heads and hearts of world did not realize that one day these affected people these weak and poor people will stand in front of them and will do the same as we all teaching them..

Killing of innocent people , injustice , double standards and wars can not bring or maintain peace in world and nor the nuclear weapons, missilies, latest jet air crafts, security systems chemical weapons can not be a certificate to a peaceful world but justice , Equality , Education Tolrance and mutal resepct can bring peace in world, wish all the countries that spending huge amount on developing the modern weapnary system they invest these money for education and health and for humainity.. 


I wish..





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2 Responses Jun 19, 2009

I echo the sentiments shared in this poignant story. Will they ever have to answer before God! SV so vividly said "from their air conditioned offices planning destruction" (something like that). How can they think that they are immune to the laws of The Universe. No one is. That is why we should all try to live in Love, because that is the absolute best, and will remain after all else is gone. <br />
Peace and good will to all. May those who suffer be comforted in their souls by The only One Who can comfort souls.

there will be a return of God. all the war planners and governments will have to answer to Him. the suffering will be blessed in His eyes.