My White Wife Is Now A White **** For Bbc

When I first met my wife, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to get such a sexy woman. She was 25, had long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and nice **** and ***. She was divorced and not very experienced with sex. She had only been with six men before me. Our sex life was great. She dressed sexy and all my friends wanted to **** her. I loved watching them lust all over her.

During sex we started talking about what it would be like for her to **** another man while I watched. It made our sex super hot. After a late night of drinking, we went as far as having her ***** in front of me and one of my best friends. She was going to let us both have her at the same time. This unnerved my friend and he couldn't handle it. We ****** like crazy that night while thinking of her stripping and fingering herself in front of my friend. We kept fantasizing during sex and one night I made the fantasy guy a well hung black man. She went nuts, we both had great *******. We kept using this fantasy during sex with it getting kinkier and kinkier. She went without me to a store that sold sex toys and bought a life like black rubber ****.

She then went to her car in the parking lot, reached under her skirt, took her panties off, and ****** her *** with the black ****. With her other hand she rubbed her ***** and had a great ******. During this time not caring if anyone saw her. That night she wore black heels, black thigh high stockings, a black corset with garters. She then gave me a show of having her *** ****** with that life like black *****. The whole time looking at me and telling me that she was a white **** for black ****. That she wanted to be ****** by lots of black men with big *****, and the only white **** she would **** was mine. I took pictures of her, then shoved my **** into her ***** while pushing the black **** as far up her *** as possible. She came like never before. While I was still ******* her she pulled the black **** from her *** and stuck it into her mouth. I lost it and shot a huge load into her. We both barley had the strength to stand.

Halloween was coming up and a local radio station was going to have a bunch of bands play at this old four story shopping center that had been completely gutted. All the floor were open from the outside to the center court yard. This is where the stage was and the bands would play. Each floor had iron railing to keep you safe. The court yard was brightly lit up, it got dark the farther you got from where the bands were playing. The father back you went the only lighting was from the street lamps. It was supposed to be a costume party and Kailee dressed sexy. She had on a white cotton top that buttoned up. Under that was a lacy white bra you could clearly see through her shirt. She wore white cotton panties and a plaid (blue and black) school girl skirt. Then she finished it off with white socks and dark blue, high heeled Mary Janes. She looked so ******* hot, I just wanted to rub my **** every time I looked at her. We had a nice buzz once we got their. We were supposed to hook up with my ex wife and her new stud. There was the possibility that we would get to see the girls have sex with each other. It was a big step for both of us, neither of us having done something like this before. When we went in there was a huge crowd. Couples, groups of friends, and lots of families. It didn't look like an appropriate place to have your girl act slutty. I found a place for Kailee and I to stand and watch the bands. I asked her if she wanted a drink and she did. I left to get us both something. The bar was on the next floor up. While climbing the stairs I saw Kailee walking back into the crowd. I thought maybe she was going to the rest room.

When I got back with our drinks I couldn't see her. It was very well lit, so I waited for her. Then I saw her coming my way. She wasn't alone. In tow was a very muscular black man. I was shocked. We hadn't talked about this. They came over and Kailee introduced Sampson. He was very black, with a shaved head, no fat, and wearing only a vest, jeans, and black shoes. His vest was unbuttoned and you could see his stomach muscles. He was also younger than me, probably around Kailees age of 25. Suddenly she turned around and started passionately kissing Sampson. They were open mouth kissing and sucking on each other tongues. Their hands were roaming up and down each other. I looked around and could see lots of people watching. I felt humiliated and took a few steps back.

After they broke their kiss I asked Sampson what he thought of my woman? He said that she is hot. I told him that Kailee thought he was attractive and did he want to move back further on the gutted floor. Back to where it was darker and more private. He thought that would be a good idea and started walking to the back, the whole time with his arm around Kailee. They looked like they were together. Once we were back in the area that was lit by the blue street light we stopped. I looked at Sampson an told him that she is very sexy. He agreed. I told Kailee to take her top off. She slowly unbuttoned it while looking around.There were small groups of other people back there. Some only 20 feet from us. They were smoking a joint. Kailee took her shirt off and I made her give it to me. Then I told her to take off her bra and hand it over. She did, exposing her fantastic **** and hard nipples. I told her to move closer to Sampson and kiss him again. While kissing he started pinching both of her nipples.

I could hear her moan. She is my woman and I know when she is turned on. I told her to step back and reach under her skirt and lower her panties. She did this with out a second thought. Then I had her lift the front of her skirt and show him her *****. I asked him to feel it and tell me if she was wet. I already knew the answer. He confirmed it by saying "this fine white **** is wanting some black ****" I asked him if he wanted to be her first black ****. He replied "hell yes". I told her to squat down and undo his jeans, while pulling his **** out. It was thick, very black, and long.

She took it into her mouth, using her hands and mouth together. He started to moan and pulled her up. He grabbed her *** with both hands and she wrapped her legs around him. She hand guided his **** into her *****. Sampson started using hard and deep stokes, ******* Kailee. Most people were further away now so we weren't worried but still felt great being outdoors. Then she started ******* on his **** first, telling him she wanted to feel him shoot in her. It didn't take long and he blasted into her. She got off of him. I handed her panties to her. She put them on and squatted back down. She took the time to clean Sampsons **** with her mouth and zip him back up. I gave her the sheer top to put back on and left her bra there. We quickly left for our car. She wasn't saying anything. In the parking lot she stopped and asked me if I was mad. I told her no, I was just very horny. I moved close to her and reached into her panties, getting a large glob of Sampsons ***** on my fingers. I put them into her mouth and she licked them clean. She pulled me close to kiss her and spit some of the *** into my mouth. My **** was rock hard and I needed to **** my **** now. We rushed to our car, getting into the back seat. She took of her panties and top, while laying on her back with legs spread. I could see globs of *** running out of her *****. I had my rock hard **** out and was moving to get on top of her. She was looking at me and scooping Sampsons *** out of her *****. She would then lick it off of her fingers while staring at me.

I moved to put my **** into her and I could feel her hand in the way. Finally she moved it and I sunk my 6" all the way in. Her ***** was so sloppy. She then took her hand and stuck her fingers into my mouth. I then realized that they were covered with Sampsons ***. I licked them clean and shared it with her in a kiss. She whispered to me that now she really is a white **** for black ****. I came so hard that I almost passed out. Once we caught our breath I asked her what she wanted to do now. She asked if I would get mad if she ****** another black ****. Before I could answer my ex-wife and her friend walked up, catching us still coupled together. We ended up going to a party with them. Nothing else happened that night. I did find in her note book several days later, Sampsons phone number. She never called him but it still makes me hot. I've sent along a few pictures of her too. A few with her white ***** getting ready to **** my friend who finally got up the nerve to do her. Turns out she would **** another white **** after all but in my opinion, the more the better.

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May 21, 2012