My wife is a Registered Nurse Practitioner, it is actually more common than not to see a Nurse rather than a Doctor for an initial visit in many smaller communities. If something is suspicious then the patient is referred to either a Doctor or a specialist in whatever ailment is suspect.

The result is that Debra spends a lot of time dealing with various stages of nudity, and since she was trained in Geriatrics it is normally older people. I actually met her during my Medicare physical exam. It beats me what started it all but she liked me and somehow we ended up on a date, my first one in over a decade. I had not been out with any female since my first wife passed 10 years before.

Debs tells me stories about her work, she isn't supposed to I think but she does. Some of it is funny, some of it downright sexy. I asked her once how many behinds she had "investigated" in her life and she just laughed, mentioning like several thousand.

In our little town, she has had her finger up the behind of about half the entire population of men, and women too.

About three months ago she came home and she was acting all fussed up, she gets that way sometimes, Debs is a horny gal, part of what I like about her. She also has zero inhibitions about nudity and sex, while she is completely faithful just like me, we do things like get "tandem" massages when on vacation and a couple of those got pretty naughty. We also had our friend July over to give us massages and those are very uninhibited also. But that is about as far as we go.

Anyway, this one evening I could tell, Debs was in the mood, so much so that we barely made it through dinner, and the dishes ended up having to wait. Now I am 69 and she is 58, we still manage at least once per week, sometimes twice. This time made three which is sort of not normal.

So I asked her what it was that set her off.

"We have this new Doctor at work." She said. I already knew that, his name was Tommy Thompson, honest. Young guy, maybe 30-35 or so, tall and the word would be rather physical looking. I do know I saw him running in a local annual marathon they put on going down the bay road not far from our place, he didn't win or anything but he was in the top 50 I guess.

"New Doctor, huh?" I was teasing her big soft boobs waiting for her to spit out what had happened.

"Yea, he gave me my annual physical this afternoon." Then she giggled.

The clinic Debs works for gives their own people a physical every year, usually it's one of the other Nurses so I pay no attention to that.

"Oh, really?" I said, in a teasing tone.

"Yea, he had me gown up, then he poked and probed my boobs one at a time, he even got some lotion so he could really feel around for lumps. Then he had me lay on my belly while he probed my fanny, and he was rubbing my left butt cheek while he did that."

"That got you all turned on?" I asked with a laugh. To her, it should have been about as exciting as shopping, but like I said, Debs is kind of naughty. She does things like spend LOTS of extra time examining old men's dicks, because she knows very well most of them get a kick out of that and she WANTS them to come in for checkups. I know she delights in doing it just long enough for them to start to get an erection, which many do no matter how hard they try not to.

I know because that's what she did to me the first time I was in there.

"You old farts will stay home and DIE if we don't do SOMETHING!" I bet she has told me a dozen times. Debs pulls no punches at all about some of the things they do at this clinic is intended to increase participation.

"I suppose the kid turned you over and did a pelvic too, right?" I asked.

"He sure did, and he sure took his sweet time. He was looking at everything, feeling everything for what seemed five solid minutes, if he had poked me for another 20 seconds I would have soaked him down!!" She giggled at that one.

Sometimes when I do everything just right, Debra is one of those women that can completely ruin a set of bedsheets, that is a fact.

"You mean, this guy was basically ************* you?" I laughed.

"Yea, you might say that  He also told me I had a very beautiful vagina.." She giggled.

"He said that?"  I asked.

"He sure did.  Maybe because I was all puffed up, lord did he get me hot!"

"That is amazing.  Do you think he did it deliberately?"  I asked.

"Yes, probably.  Much more and we would have been doing some of those ethics violations. He knew it too because he stopped, but he sure was grinning."  Debs laughed.  I laughed myself.  It's tough to get upset or jealous with a woman like Debra who is so open and honest about everything.

We cuddled up, even though it was kind of sexy and all, it still was a Doctor/patient thing so not really a big deal.

Then Debs told me she was doing Doctor Thompson's physical the next week, giving me a sort of sideways look to check my reaction.

"Oh, one of those ***** samples, right?" I snorted.

"Well, we will take one but I will have Nikola do that of course." She grinned.  Ethics again, of course.

"I somehow doubt he will have any problems though."  She let out a snort.

Nikola is the clinic's on staff older lady that takes care of the difficult ones. Yes, I know all about that, too.  Way back during my own physical it was Jennifer, after I had spent perhaps 10 minutes in the little room trying, Jennifer came in, had the sample in about 15 seconds and was gone with the little cup, just like that.

"So. You got all hot and bothered having the new young Doctor play with your stuff, huh?"

"Yep! I sure did! But notice I brought it all home for you, honey." She gave me a smootch and cuddled up even tighter.

I have to admit I do love my wife, she is so naughty and so much fun. I am one lucky old coot, aren't I?
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Ha ha ha, you make a good pair. have fun!