My Wife Is Wearing A Lacy Bra To See The "alternative" Doctor

This morning I noticed that my wife is wearing a very sheer and sexy bra to her appointment with the acupuncturist. She caught me noticing and explained that she has to take it off anyway, but she stays covered by a towel while she's in his office.

I am curious because during a previous visit, she said that he massaged her buttocks! The doctor is pretty out there with the things that he will say and talk about. For instance, he mentioned that he and his wife's friends come out to their lake house and skinny dip all the time. Later he invited her (us).

Well, I hope that at least he gets to see her in that bra and panty set. I just wish I could be there. I think that she should need to take everything off and allow him to watch her climb onto the table.

RMutt RMutt
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I know. I love finding out about them.

dammit! She has experiences that would be incredibly erotic for you to watch...

I offered to go to the next one to learn what he is doing, but she wouldn't go for it.

The appointment turned out to be quite interesting to me. My wife said he was very successful in helping her shoulder pain. She described that after the acupuncture (during which she wears only panties -- she's even barefoot, but is indeed covered up), he had her sit up while he massaged her pectorals, shoulder and arm muscles. She showed me in fact, that he started just above her nipple and skillfully "works" the entire area.<br />
Two things I love about this -- the idea that he's feasting his eyes and touching my wife's gorgeous breasts, and that she has bought another sexy bra for her appointment next week.