2 Doctors

My wife has these 2 doctors she sees.  They work with each other.  Both are younger than we are, one especially so.  She likes to dress up when she goes and sees these guys.  They are specialists so the bad news for her is she has no excuse to take off her clothes.  She will wear short dresses and sexy blouses to give them a show though and just loves it when of of them has to touch her body somewhere.

She was telling this story the other day.  My wife is a very sexual being.  I have dozens of stories here relating that fact.  She said the last time she went to this doctor and he gave her an "internal" examination, he paused on the way out and gave her a few strokes.  It made her feel good and forget her discomfort.  She even mentioned it to him.  Soon after she had to switch doctors for no reason pretaining to the above event.  I always wondered, what he some sort of perv, or just being nice to his female patients.  After all she said it did releave her discomfort.

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I know that doctors are for the most part conscious and precise in their work, but that doesn't keep them from being gentle and soothing. Things like taking the time to "warm up" a cold speculum or to rub a finger around soothing an irritated vaginal wall doesn't necessarily make him sexual, it makes him decent and caring.

Could be just a caring guy, but I'm betting on a little bit of perv

Your probably right, but she really didn't care if he was being pervy or not, she got a cheap thrill out of it, which was fine with her

Probably prevy on his part. maybe he thought he could get away with a few strokes and make it seem part of the exam. Very hot though......