My Wife with another man

My wife is 40 and I'm 30 years old.We just got married 1 year ago.After I had moved in with here she finally found about 10 of my old **** DVDs collection and was not happy about it.My wife is pretty stuck up and straight edge women.So I listed them for sale on Craigslist and got a reply from this guy.I told him my wife wanted them gone so was selling them cheep.I did not want this guy coming over to buy them at our place so suggested we just meet.He was working nights painting at this mall area at night right by our place.So I told the wife there is this awesome bar/dance club in that center and after I make the sale lets go out.So my wife put's on her blue tight mini skirt and nice white blouse and heels for the night out.We pull up in the mall and this guy comes over to my wife's side of the car and I put the window down to sell my collection.The entire ride over there my wife is ragging on this guy saying what a pervert and stuff like that and was not thrilled she was meeting him as well.So make the sale and I notice this guy checking out my wife's nice white pale legs in the car.He then tells me the mall has given him coupons for free dinners at this restaurant in the center he has been painting in.He says he would love to use the coupon if we did not mind if he came along.So my cheep butt is thinking cool a free expensive dinner.So I agreed and my wife I could see was pissed off.We eat and drink and my wife goes to the bathroom and this guy tells me man I see why you gave up the **** your wife looks killer.So my wife comes back and has way to much wine and off to the ladies room again.I'm a bodybuilder and normally do not drink at all so I'm now hammered.My wife comes back and ends up sitting in the booth with this guy.We are all now pretty loosened by the drinks and he now starts getting brave with my wife.He tells me out loud my wife's legs have his **** hard.He then starts rubbing her legs and inner thighs.My wife is barely keeping from passing out and just lets the guy she was calling a sicko a few hours ago fondle her a little.I did not know what I should do!He is having a conversation with me while rubbing my wife's legs and now rubbing her neck.He then says lets go over to the building I'm working in so I can shut off the power and you should get your wife home since she was barley staying awake.So we go in this building and he starts talking and saying he had a great time and pulls out a few beers and me and him are still hanging out.My wife is chatting but really trashed from the wine.The guy then goes back to massaging my wife then goes right down her blouse and is just aggressively grabbing her chest.She starts moaning and he pulls her blouse all the way down and boobs are all out now.I'm drunk but know what is going on but I'm just frozen.He then tells me the heck with the DVDs man your wife is good to go.He gets her in a position where he puts his **** up her skirt and is in her and going at it.He tells me man give me a break and just have fun because he tells me he cant ever get a date since his divorce and has not had a women in 10 years.So he finishes and tells me to get out and take the little **** home she just got worked good.I'm so out of it I do not want a problem with this guy so we walk over to the hotel across the street and sleep for the night.In the morning my wife is pissed at me and I feel horrible and still can't believe what happened over a freaking DVD sale! I feel awful and I'm trying to forget this night.I just had to vent on here about this.
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would have loved being there to watch it...even more so if it had been my wife he was with

I lost a game of pool in hotel pub & my wife was the prize,the dudes friends, kept me entertained while they went upstairs.She was really drunk & did'nt remember anything, or so she claimed.

what a turn on i would **** the **** out of my wife afterwards or just put my **** in her mouth at the same time this was going on

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<br />
Thanks for your input on my situation.I guess I'm just still in shock the way this guy got my wife.My wife feels violated and thinks this guy just planned this out good.Who knows? it happened and we are both not proud! It was not a goodtime,especialy after he called her a **** and was pretty much done with her.

You shoudnt feel bad about this. It is just another experience we go through in life.<br />
Look at the bright side, you had a wonderful experience, that you will remember for a<br />
long time.Important thing, you should both talk about it and see what her feelings are.<br />
Be honest with each other and you both will get over it.Thanks for sharing.