...., WHY are we so scarie? I have been a Naturist all my life-German/Prussian farm family-never thot about it. And yet Single Males especially in the USA are treated like rapists at the parks and camps. The aanr give lip service to us yet really does nothing to dispel this myth that a Male Naturist/nudist is a sex packed animal trying to sex up an entire park!

I live in South Carolina and I can tell all that I have had so many hits from the Females at the few parks in this state, from single AND married gals-I think it's a tie in the perv category if you really want to go there.

I know not all married folks are into the single Male bashing, but you kind hear-ted folks are the minority. It's just too bad more guys don't complain to the management about these gals that come up and grab your "manhood" and ask if you would like a drink in their 5th wheel since their BF is playing horseshoes! LOL!!! But y'know, if it's offered by the Female-who really is on the prowl? Most Males will be mannerly-but if the gal comes on first, WHO really is the problem here?

I had a gal at CFH tell me it's just because the husbands can't handle the competition. "COMPETITION"? Why really would a Male want a Married gal when there are plenty of single gals out there? ?????? HOOT! But I think she was right-Married guys run the parks-they want their stable and no Single Males around to mix it up. AND-it seems that the married folks in my area are more the swingers than the singles-interesting huh?

So yes Single Males are more free and open to romance, but naked or with clothes, it can still happen. I thank those married folks that were gracious to a Mannerly Male. And to the parks and those that make it this way-I think you just want married swingers and young females for dessert -at least this is what I have observed first hand at your parks!
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We live at and manage a clothing-optional lifestyle resort in Tennessee and have many average people from across the country that come to visit and leave their clothes aside. For us it is completely natural and normal.

well this has been a dead horse subject for as long as I can remember and been going to resorts and parks, and clubs, and ..... I never felt like a Black Horse in teh Naked Society till I came back to the USA after Germany and started "trying" to enjoy the naked social life in the Carolinas. I was always a free beacher in California growing up and in Germany-well lets say I wonder why I left in 1998!<br />
<br />
I know it sounds "off" but I really think SEX does drive this naked train anymore. EYE CANDY, SEX, SWINGING, all of it seems to have made the Naked Society home and the aanr does little to nothing about it. As long as the park pays aanr-they are good. And aanr has no set SOP as far as regularly inspecting and "quietly" visiting those they have "approved" so you pass the first time, you may never see the aanr on your property if you keep paying them. Same with TNS. It's all a money scheme . They say they protect Nudists' and Naturists' rights to be naked yet the longer the aanr and TNS promote all the lookie-lou events like bike rides and runs into mainstream America's world, well the more places we seem to be loosing. I never needed their protection-of course Naturist don't want or need to be seen so if I were to get arrested for relaxing nude, that park ranger or policeman would have had to hike in 3-4-5 miles to even see me. But I truly think "aanr nudity" is about more than just naked recreation. Too much sex, IN FRONT OF CHILDREN at the 2 aanr approved parks that I have gone to in SC!