First Time My Wife Was Nude In Public

the first time my now wife, then girlfriend, got naked in public, sort of, occurred about 8 months after we started dating. It was may and the weather was warming up nicely so I suggested to her that we spend a day on the house boat. I had told her many times about my houseboat trips so she knew that I was usually nude on the boat.
She said that it was fine with her if I wanted to walk around naked but that she would be keeping her suit on.
So off we went for a day on the lake. As soon as we left the marina area I got naked. Linda simply took off her blouse, bikini top on plus shorts. After a short cruise we found a nice little cove to spend the day in. I beached the boat and tied it up. linda helped. by now it was nicely warmed up and I suggested getting wet. I jumped in while she removed her shorts and jumped in wearing her bikini.
we spent a couple hours relaxing and swimming alternately, having a beer, you know, just hanging out.
I suggested laying out on the roof to catch a few rays. she asked if I was concerned about being seen up there. I said not at all. so up we went with our pads and towels and sunscreen. we both applied sunscreen to our fronts and I asked her to do my backside. I laid down and she smeered my back and bottom real good. I said now ill do your backside. she knelt there and looked around and thought for a minute and then said what the hell, stood up and took off her top, looked around again then took off her bottoms. hallelujah, finally, naked outside her apartment. from that point on she was hooked. we spent the rest of the day nude. I even got her to jet ski wearing nothing but the lifevest, and I know a few boaters saw her zip by. I was really proud of her, both for finally being naked outdoors, and also because she is such an attractive gal.
over the next 2 months we went out to the houseboat several more times, this time for overnighters, and she was nude for almost the entire time on the houseboat.
Then the big step. in august an old friend of mine from college, and his wife, were coming for a 4 day weekend on the houseboat. they were old houseboat hands and had spent many days nude with me on the boat. I asked linda how she would feel about this. she said she would just have to wait and see how things felt at the time.
steve and lynette arrived as scheduled, meeting us at the dock. they had never met linda but they liked each other right away. I told them that linda was fine with us being naked as usual but that she might not join us.
While motoring out to the cove I had in mind it was quite warm so I stopped the motor in the middle of the lake and said I had to cool off. I thought I would be the first one naked and in the water but much to my surprise linda beat me to it. she was out of her clothes and running for the water before anyone. what an amazing gal. no wonder I married her.
claudevincent claudevincent
51-55, M
Aug 28, 2013