My Wife At A Hotel Bar

At this very moment my wife is at a hotel bar flirting with a single guy. Her wedding rings are off. I can see her from across the room and I'm pretty sure she knows I'm here. She says she wants sex tonight with someone different. I'm a lot older than her and she has needs. Besides, I like it when she is with other men so our relationship works. I like her to cuckhold me. Very much like it. Seeing her across the bar-- damn she is sexy!! Not sure how this evening will end. I'll post more later as the evening unfolds. She now has a single guy sitting on each side of her, both trying to talk to her. Nice!
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

She is laughing and flirting with the man to her left now. I can hear her sexy voice. She likes this attention from men. Maybe that's why she has a body that many 20 year olds are envious of-- so she can revel in this delicious attention. Makes me happy to see her getting it.
A nice looking younger guy is sitting at the table behind her. She sees him but is not sure how to talk to him.

The man to her left bought her a drink. Wish I could take a picture of her for you all to see. She looks very beautiful.

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