My Wife Dressed Me Up To Humiliate Me In Front Of Her Friends

We were going to a halloween costume party, and I was dressed -up like a sexy maid. My wife was going as a pirate. She has known about my cross-dressing since we got married. I told her about it to be fair and above board. She married me anyway! She out did herself on my costume. I had to shave my whole body, grow my hair longer, and let my nails grow abit. This preparation took two months to finish. I was introduced to my 6" high heels over the same time period using 3",4", and 5"heels. It was hard to remember my male gait after awhile!
Everything from my hair down to my painted red toe nails was perfect! I was the perfect picture of a male sissy-maid. On our way out the the door, she handed me a pot and said we had to return it to one of the neighbors. I started to freak-out. Nobody had seen me dressed like this except her. The party was one thing, but this was another. She pulled me to the door and knocked. The door opened, and there was the neighbor Jane, and about three other ladies I had never seen before. Long story short, we never made it to the costume party. I ended up serving as maid to all the ladies at Jane's Avon party!!
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Great experience.... Your heels were longer than my **** .....

You have a beautiful lady there!

Great story! I think you should favor us with some more of your tales, if you've had any other outings or experiences you want to share. Please let me know, if you post more.