My Wife Showed Everything To Another Man

My wife and I went to a wedding in the southwest recently at a golf course/country club and booked a chalet room overlooking the green. We both took it in turns to get showered and for some reason the curtains were open and neither of us had shut them.
I was best man, and had to leave her for about an hour in order to attend to some last minute details. She had just finished showering and was applying baby oil to her body, something she always does to keep her skin looking good. She is indian Asian, petite and with 36d **** that have huge brown nipples. She had a pretty much shaved ***** with a small ‘landing *****’ of hair.
When I returned she looked a little flushed and I asked her what was up, and she said that a golfer had walked past and looked in the window and saw her naked. She said that he could only have looked for a couple of seconds and with that the wedding started and it was pushed out of my mind.

Later when we were back in the hotel room I undressed her and discovered she was soaking wet between the legs. I asked her if she was horny for a particular reason and was it because the golfer saw her. She coyly replied ‘yes a little’, but then said that although he had only seen her for a few seconds - the first time, shortly after he walked back and had a better, longer look. I felt my **** grow even harder as she continued.

She said for some reason she was sideways on to the window but turned completely to face him as she continued to rub her oil into her breasts and between her legs, while pretending she hadn’t seen him. He stopped for about a minute before moving on the second time and must have seen everything- ****, *** and *****.

I asked her if this had turned her on a she replied ‘a little’ and then in response to my licking and sucking at her **** she said ‘oh **** it turned me on a lot-especially when I passed him while I was walking across to the wedding venue’. This triggered her first of a number of ******* during the night.
I remarked that the guy was probably at home now wanking his **** while thinking about her naked and would probably *** all over the place and she came again.

My wife has had some massive ******* every time since when I bring this up during sex, and has also admitted it was a big turn on for someone else to see her naked. I already knew that by how wet her ***** was after thinking about it during the wedding. I think I am getting closer to her agreeing to let me show some pics.

The next quest for me is to get us into a situation where she gets her **** groped or maybe her ***** fingered-probably during a full body massage. I put this too her as she was riding me recently and again a huge ******…
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I know a man who could give your wife the kind of massage you want her to have. Message me if you're interested.

anticipation, cant wait to hear more!

It sounds like you and your wife have started a new and exciting journey, and have found something that very much arouses both of you...enjoy the journey!

Thanks for reading and your kind comments.