My Wife's Unintended Exposure

My wife isn't the kind of person to expose herself in public, but over a two year period several years ago certain events took place that put her and her body in the spotlight. One of these events involved a charity fashion show held by the ladies' auxillary club in our town. Each year this ladies club holds a fashion show coordinated by the club and a local high-end clothing boutique. The women in the club serve as models for the fashion show with funds being raised by a luncheon and half the profits from the dress sales made at the show going to charity. That year, my wife volunteered to be a model. She's was 36 years old at the time and a fairly attractive brunette with blue eyes and freckles. Many of my wife's friends and husbands were at the show, including myself. We had attended several of these shows over the years, but this was the first time my wife was to be modeling. She had five outfits to model and was told to wear a strapless bra and thong to the fashion show. On the day of the fashion show, things went off without a hitch. The models came on stage one by one and walked down the runway to pleasant applause. As my wife came onstage with her final fashion offering, the crowd erupted into great applause and shouting which caused my wife to smile from ear to ear thinking how much the crowd loved her dress and her modeling. When she came to the end of the runway, she turned left and right to showcase her dress, lightly flipped the hem of her dress and slowly walked back down the runway toward the stage. What she didn't know is that her cute chiffon dress with a deep low cut back was completely see-thru. When she had come on stage her entire naked body was visible through the dress. Her breasts and aereolas, her belly button and her patch of pubic hair were on display to all of our friends and acqaintances. When she had turned on the runway to head back toward the stage, she also showed us her bum in all it's glory. It seems during the frenetic dress changes behind stage, the dress handlers told my wife that her bra and the back ***** of her thong showed because of the low cut back and quickly convinced her to ditch her underwear. No one payed attention to the fact the the dress was completely see-thru as they were hurrying to change into and out of outfits and fix the model's hair while lining them up for the next walk down the runway. Being that this was the final run down the catwalk for all of the models, they all took a place onstage instead of heading behind stage. So there my wife stood onstage waiting for all of the rest of the models to finish showing their wares, while all that time showing off hers ,unknowingly,  for an extended period of time. During the show and before the models exited the stage, some photographers from the local newspaper were taking pictures for a feature story that was later published. A picture of my wife ended up being printed in the newspaper with the caption " dresses go sheer for spring". No attempt was made by the paper to edit or airbrush the photo, and so my wife and her nearly naked body was shown all over town. My wife nearly died of embarassment when she realized what had happened, but surprisingly got over it rather quickly until the picture in the newspaper became public. She tried her best to act as if nothing happened, but peoples attitudes toward her in our social circle and at work became more relaxed, maybe too relaxed -and soon thereafter she would become a target for some serious and embarrassing forced nudity.
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you must post the photos... PLEASE

Thanks for sharing that great story.....loved it

what do you mean by forced nudity? they exposed themselves to her, or, assaulted her making her nude?

hey dude, nice story, do u have some pics to share from that day?

Thta is such a hot experience! Did she get hit on after?