Exhibition In Supermarket

we went to grocery shop to buy some stuff and i already told humera that she has to bend and pic up some stuff so that i can see who is looking at ur naked *****. There were 2 young guys who came to buy drinks but when they saw her they again came back from cash counter and started shopping behind her as we entered separately they thought she was alone. when they had good look at her then i joined her so they moved back and came out along with us.
From there we went to restaurant and packed a take away and till the time it was making most of the eyes were on her skirt, it was 8.30pm and i was standing by keeping my hand on her hip near the counter. and some times touching her *** over her skirt. While driving i checked her ***** which was fully wet and she was laughing as she said how horny it was. We ****** very hard talking about it........Sameer
sameerhumera sameerhumera
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hot story



Nice story

great story.U must have made many people watching you wet.

I love your story, thanks for sharing.

amazing ... thanks for sharing!

sounds so hot! I'd love to have been able to see that!

both of you are great tease........keep it on and let the guys enjoy

<p>I just wrote about women fantasizing about having sex with multiple partners, most of them daydream about it. Must be the most beautiful and lustful experience any woman can have. What a shame, most of them are too embarrassed to make it happen.</p>

Very hot. We love doing that kind of thing too.

How exciting for you both ! im surprised you made it all the way home after discovering how wet her pretty ***** was !

very hot. plz add me

you made the day for the guys.wow !

Very cool to hear it turned her on so much! Looking forward to reading about more of her teasing adventures!

That is great teasing!

Mmmm I like the idea of teasing like that


very sexy couple!

Like that my friend. If the two guys had started chatting her up, how far would you have let it develop?

very hot, nothing erotic than showing wife in a public place

I wish my wife would do the same, the **** of your wife as in the profile pic are hot great man!

Grt story

very daring lovely wife...u hv ...who luv voyerism.....

Agreed. I also would love my wife to be voyeur and exhibit and show her hot body

its my hubby who made me so daring

Oh...thts gr8....anyway....How I can have a glimpse of ur super sxy figure.....