It's not always intentional, sometimes it's just by the dress she wears.
As soon as we are in a club or a bar, some young man will soon be by her side trying to get her attention, even when I'm standing next to her.
Many times, when I've left to get drinks, or to the bathroom, another man would be sitting in my chair. Many times I've stood in the shadows watching her reaction
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I love seeing other guys come on to my wife. She doesn't consider herself any good at flirting, but she loves a guy flirting with her. Sometimes it goes further too. If she agrees to a 2nd date, this almost invariably means that she will have sex with him. I encourage this!

My friend's wife flirts with me in front of him and he is cool about it. I feel funny though...

Enjoy the "offer" of her flirting... never know what it may lead too.
I always encouraged my wife to flirt as she wanted... at times, it led to much more, but that was hot too!

Guess what.. Last weekend she touched mine pretending to be an accident :-)

I've experienced that as well.....very exciting

That sound so sexy to watch you wife chit chat or flirt or whatever with another while you watch! Wow

So exciting and arousing......and that feeling of helplessness.

I join you

she must be a hottie...does she encourage them to go further?

any interesting incidents to share where things got really hot?