Wife ****** At Party

Hubby always has me dress mostly see thru and without underclothes when we go to parties. If men look and comment I ask them to feel me up if they want. If the party is good enough and they stick a finger or two up my ***** I ask if they would like to **** me. They always say yes so if the party is open enough we just **** wherever we are and I usually get **********. If not we go to a bedroom or so and **** with the door open. Sometimes people just watch but usually several men **** me
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7 Responses Jan 26, 2012

It's hot from the man's side, too. My wife and I were at a party once, and she disappeared into an upstairs bedroom with a guy she was hot for. Waiting for her to reappear was agonizingly hot! Our eyes met as she came down the stairs alone and she immediately gave me a french kiss, heavily laden with the taste of another man's ***. Later, as we were slow dancing in the dim lights of the living room, she whispered in my ear that *** was running down her legs, would I please eat her when we got home? Talk about a rush!!!

I would love to party with you.Please add me so I can see more of you.

thanks for the stories. hope to see at a party !

Naked is good..............too. Have to try out the nude beaches sometime, I bet you would enjoy those.

I have to say, I wish I was in your area. Maybe some day I will be. You can add me as a friend on here in the meantime.

wow it sounds like you are a willing party girl

i love to dress in see through clothing - love to show off my body too

loved your story but myself i;ad love to eat you before i ****** you darling