Disaponted When Wife Siad She Didnt Like Being Naughty Looking

sorry for typing skills..... a few years ago i talked my wife about wearing a bra with nipple area cut out and a shirt that showed it. she seemed fine with it so i spent hours shopping for just the wright one. the whole time i was shopping i was getting more and more turned on thinking about the stares and attention she was going to get. we were going to vegas for the weekend(she has nice boobs that already is a head turner). it was probly the most excitiing date night ive ever had. as long as shes with me acting this way it turns me on i wouldnt like it if she was alone doing it. if were together she can do about any thing and id get turned on watching her turn heads. we went on our trip and that night watching guys trying not to get caught looking her up and down (she also has a nice ***) i was in heaven. after dinner an playing slots we went to our room and banged each other good and hard. knowing of all the guys that wanted to be with her was a dream come true. a year later we were bickering about something and she said something about how she hated every min. of that. i felt like the world i new was gone. i try to go out of my way to find out her fanticies and make them happen. and now i feel like our sex life is just something that happens once in awhile when one of us has to have it and only on sat. night. any thoughts? thanks for letting me vent Randy
barleypopr barleypopr
51-55, M
Sep 11, 2012