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This is one on my dreams, that she decides to take control of my transformation by giving me hormones. Clothes may make the woman...but hormones make the brain a woman.
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My wife is a nurse that works in an endo clinic. Shortly after we were married, I bought her some breast forms because she was considering a boob job. I surprised her with a new lacy bra and the forms one night after slipping the on her, she made the comment that she thought they would look better on me. It was only a few month later that I made a passing comment that I would like to try some estrogen. That evening she surprised me with a month's supply of spiro and estrogen patches. 13 years later, I have very little body hair and my beard has been removed, again at her request. When I am running low on the girl juice she is quick to resupply me. I have been using injections for the last 6 or 7 years. I am pretty curvy and love to buy a pair of size 5 panties and a 34b bra both of which fit me perfectly. I fill out a pair of size 7 jeans. Legs are pretty shapely but I would like to have a little bigger bum. Boy bits have shrunk to nothing so I stay tape down there 24/7. The strap on we share is another chapter.

Awesome Rhonda and, except for the fact that my wife isn't a nurse, it sounds like are wives are cut from if not the same similar cloth ... supportive and encouraging of our transition.

injection is the best once a week.

Lucky you, if you can get hormones :)

Getting pills is no longer a problem without a Doctors prescription. I have been on and off of them for a number of years, and love not only the new body, but also the new brain. I think mostly fem now. Wear a bra, yes, it is a most for me now.

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Wow you are so lucky can you share where you get them?


Can I ask you how much of your body was reshaped by being on them? How is your brain more female? Kimmi here on EP has said the same, that her mindset her focus is more like that of a woman. I would love to hear more about this if you're willing. I'm so happy that you've moved forward on this.

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I had a dominant girlfriend once who made me take Premarin for 5-1/2 months, till she ran out of the pills. The results were fantastic! Now, years later, I still have noticeable boobs, about like a preadolescent girl, and when I take feminizing herbs, they really blossom! I am going on pueraria mirifica soon.

Just curious about any updates you have since you last posted this. Did she want to feminize you some? or perhaps into being full-time? Other than bobs did you notice any other changes? I'd love to hear more about this if you're willing.

Too bad that it is only a dream ... but hey, sometimes dreams come true as they have for me including hormones.

Are you taking hormones?

Yes!!! Went back on them a month ago. They are kicking in! Love the feeling they now give me,

You are so lucky Hun.

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Nay Nay Jose - sneaking estro in your food isn't very effective - your liver will filter most of it out if it's swallowed! <br />
IF she has MANLY type friends doing the deed -and- IF she would prefer you as a sister you/she can go with estrogen pills (like Progynova from Inhouse Pharmacy) - 2mg dissolved under the tongue in the morning and 2mg at bedtime (sub-lingual is much more effective than swallowing because it bypasses the liver ------ Spironolactone pills (swallow because they taste terrible) at the same time will shut down those little "T" factories swinging between your legs. <br />
You'll still have the plumbing but your body will gradually resort in a more girlie way, you'll no longer be able open jars for her but you'll become a much better listener and purple panties will take on a whole new attraction. ----

They not only make the brain, but they have made a nice set of ******* on my body

About 10 years ago while having sex I mentioned to my wife how lucky see was to have breast. She told me that she had wanted me to have them for a long time. I mentioned that I had read a lot about estrogen, and she started to laugh. I asked her what was so funny, and she said that I have been on it for about 1 1/2 months. She had been putting it in my food. She said didn't I notice some thing different happening? I said what? Your nipples and areolas where growing. She said that in another month or two that things will really start to happen. She had just doubled the amount of estrogen from 2mg to 4mg. I was really thrilled. I asked her how come she didn't tell me? She said that she was afraid that I wouldn't go for it, and she wanted me to have boobs. I can not pass as a female, so I am just a male with beautiful boobs. I wear a 38B bra, and fill it compelety.<br />
Also when I first started to wear a bra, she said that I should wear panties from then on.

Very Jealous!

Oh my god that is my are sooo lucky!!

You will never know untill you bring it up to her. While having sex told her how lucky she was to have *******, and that I wish that I had them also. Her reply was, that I could have them also if I would only take some estrogen.

Wow, did she talk you into starting estrogen then?

She didn't have to talk me into it. I jumped at the chance. I can not pass in fem, so I am just a male with nice breast, (plus a smaller **** and a female brain)

Thanks to my wife's support and encouragement I have nice breast too ... aren't we lucky! ;-)

We sure are!!!!! We both love the change it has made in me.

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i also have been givin estrogen pilss 2 times a day for the last year . my body shape has changed and with in a month a noticed breast growth and now i am a 38 b and loving it . my wife has also thrown all my male clothes away and now only wear mini skirts and thigh high boots .

You are living my dream!

Also my dream...lucky girl!

Aaron :

Did she want you to live en femme or did you want this? You must be very cute now. I'd love to hear more about this if you're willing. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm so happy for you girl.

my dream and wish to ..

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Would love to be made to take female hormones as part of my girly transformation. Like to go down that road to become more feminine as i love everything about being a girl.

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