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She Went To Work Braless Everyday!

My first wife worked at a clothing store when she was 19 and was required to wear skirts or dresses daily, slacks only for certain times. She was barely 32b maybe an acup so going braless was no big deal sweaters or dark colored tops it wasnt noticible, but tight or sheer tops could see her nipples or whole breast. I know a few times she came home from work and when she leaned over to kiss me the top fell open revealing both her bare breasts for me to see, made me wonder how many saw her breasts that day and how many co workers new she was braless everyday. She wasnt worried saying she didnt like bras and if they looked so what.
1stexhub 1stexhub 51-55, M 1 Response Jan 23, 2012

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Looking down a blouse is one of my favorite things. My first wife had smaller boobs and it happened more often. This one pushes out at the material too tightly for anyone to get a show. It"s hard to get her out braless, even when she is out to tease.