My Wife And Co-workers

Yes, plural - co-workers. But, not really "affairs" - just some friendly *******.  Here's the story:

Until she and I started ******* around together in 1991, she had never fooled around with a person she worked with.  She had her share of sex partners, but kept it out of the places she worked.  My case became the exception due to circumstances very specific to our situations.  That's a story I've told elsewhere, so I want to tell of other encounters now.  I'll touch briefly on two of the men at her office who were making suggestions to her.  Each case was similar in that they made it clear they wanted to **** her and she made it equally clear that it was only going to happen if they came to our house and made it a *********, including me.  Each of them agreed to the conditions.  I need to clarify that each of these situations was about a year apart.  It turned out that, while they did OK, a ********* was a little more than they could deal with in the long run.  Each had a little performance issue but got their goodies eventually.

One other encounter was the one I told about when I was on an extended overseas trip.  The man had been making suggestions to her but she had yet to invite him to our home until she got horny enough while I was on my trip.  It turned out he was fine with a ********* after I returned.  There was no male/male touching but he and I did a great job of teaming up to please her.

After I retired, my wife and I decided to relocate to another state for a variety of reasons.  We started looking at cities in the general area of interest based on conversations with others who were moving for similar reasons.  We settled on a particular city a little more quickly than anticipated, but decided to make it work.  She wanted to continue at her company and hit a retirement objective.  Friends (non-sexual) offered her a place to stay, so we decided to proceed.  One of the main things we considered was the effect on our sex lives that relocating would have.  I was going to get things set up at our new location while she continued on her job.  During the initial phase, we would see each other on a weekly basis and catch up on sex. 

As we continued through the process, we discussed options for taking care of our sexual needs.  For me, it's no big deal to ******* when the tension builds enough but she has never *********** and doesn't get into it at all.  Being a woman, she said she has never had a problem finding a man to take care of her, as long as he enjoys eating *****!  A young friend (son of a lady co-worker) offered to help her move some of our items, part were going to his apartment and part to his parents.  One day, after they finished moving a few items, she asked if he would like to spend some time with her.  Without hesitation, he said he would.  He was 21; my wife was 48 and a good friend of his mother.  She said he was an excellent lover!  Over the next few months, they had sex occasionally when their schedules allowed.  Strange as it may seem, my wife had planned to visit his apartment one evening but, in the meantime, I decided to drive to see her a day earlier than originally panned.  I didn't know of their specific plans, just that they would **** when they could.  I told her I didn't have nay issue with her keeping her date with him that evening.  She and I had a nice *****-eating and **** session before she went to see him and got more!

As I got our new place settled a bit more, my wife wanted to make the trip home rather than me doing all the driving to where she was staying.  The friends there were great and gave us plenty of private time to catch up on sex when I'd be there.  But, she really wanted to spend more time in her new home.  Since our visits had become two weeks apart, I suggested she find someone who could take care of her down there on the off week.  There was another man in her office who had made some advances but was discrete about it and not at all pushy.  She had a very frank discussion on the phone with him about her expectations.  I had met him on one of my trips to her office but didn't really know him.  He had his own house and invited her to visit him and see how it worked out.  They had a couple of days off in common each week and decided to make it a relaxed visit to include lunch along with sex.  She was not disappointed; he could eat ***** like a pro and got her to ****** with no problem!  She said his **** was nowhere near as big as she would have liked but made up for it (somewhat) in hardness and angle.  It turned out his main desire in having sex with her was eating *****, not ******* her, although he did enjoy having his **** in her.  He admitted to her that his primary sex outlet had become his hand while watching ****! :-)

They had an on-going sexual relationship for the last year she worked at her old company, seeing each other every other week.  There were a couple of times her travel schedule to our new location had to be altered due to work and they got together two weeks in a row.  During that period, I had met a couple of local women online and ****** them occasionally. 

When it was finally time for my wife to make her permanent move to our new home, I was going to drive down to help her clear things out of the place she had been staying.  She made it easier by making arrangements with the young man I mentioned above to move the furniture to his parent's house, since my wife was giving it to them.  Of course, they had a nice **** on the bed before they loaded it into the truck to transport it.  She wasn't sure how to handle her final three days because she wanted her things out of the friend's house rather than wait until the last minute.  I suggested she ask the man she had been seeing for the past year if she could spend a few days with him, which she did.  Of course, it was no problem for him.  Although they had done a lot of *******, this would be the first time they would actually sleep together.  She would spend three nights with him.  The first two nights were their usual round of sex: him eating her *****, then ******* her.  On the final night, they both were naked in bed together and talked a lot, but he didn't want to **** her - just hold her until it was time for her to leave.  He was really quite a guy.  I wish he lived closer so my wife could see him occasionally.
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you ******* are all crazy.when you get old youll either be by yourselves, divorced, or still married to ******.being married to a cheating woman always takes years off your life at the end of it.

Cheating is doing things behind your partner's back and without their knowledge. Being open and honest about sexuality is a healthy attitude. But, you have to be mature enough to handle it!