Snow Storm

As some of you may have read in one of my responces to another story, my ex wife had ****** my youngest brother. This happened after her encounter with him the first time.
There was 3 of us boys in the family, I being the oldest, my next brother ( Joe ) was 6 yrs. younger, and the youngest,( Bobby ) was about 10 yrs. younger. Me and my wife were in our late 30's when this happened.
We had planned a New Years Eve party at our house, and invited some friends, and my brothers over for some food and drinks to welcome in the new year.
It started to snow late in the afternoon lightly, but was steady. A few people arrived as did my brothers. As the snow cept getting worse most of the guests had left by 10 p.m., except for my brothers. By about 11 p.m. they decided to leave too. By about 11:20 p.m. they were back at the house as Bobby's pickup was stuck about a 1/8th mile away. They were both covered in snow and wet by the time they got back to the house.
Kathy, my wife, told them to get thier wet clothes in the drier before they got sick. They both ******** down to their underwear, and she put their clothes in the drier for about a 1/2 hour. I got everyone a drink, as we had plenty of booze left.
Kathy's birthday was a few days before, and I had gotton her a very sexy see through nightie for her birthday. We all had been drinking most of the evening and had a good buzz going.
Bobby and Joe started teasing Kathy about showing it to them as they wanted to see it. I told her to go and get it and show it to them. She asked us if we wanted her to put it on, and of coares we all said yes.
A few minutes later Kathy came from the bedroom with it on. It was a short white top and white bikini panties, that left nothing to the imagination. Kathy's 5'4", 115 # 36c-26-38 body was totally visible to us. Her hard nipples, as was her trimmed **** hair was as though she was wearing nothing. I was the only one in the house now fully clothed.
Bobby and Joe both stood there wide eyed, as Kathy let them look as she put on a little show. I got us all a strong drink. Bobby and Joe were setting at the table as was I . Kathy came and sat at the end of the table and gulped her drink. I could see the night getting very interesting, and excused myself from the table and went to the bedroom. I removed my clothes, except for my underwear. I was semi erect by the time I returned to the kitchen. Joe got up to get another drink, and was semi erect also. The talk was now all about sex, and Bobby soon needed a drink too. He got up, and revealed a very large bule in his underwear, and the tip of his **** protruding from the leg band of his undies.
Needless to say after about a half hour and a couple more drinks we were all butt naked. Bobby had ****** Kathy earlier in the year, but Joe had never even seen her naked. All of us had raging hard on's by now, and Kathy ***** was soaking wet. Joe's **** was almost a clone of my thick 7-1/2"er, but Bobby's was even thicker and close to 9".
I picked up Kathy and sat her on the edge of the table andI sat in the chair with her legs over my shoulders and buried my tongue in her steaming love hole. She had her hands on the back of my head pushing my face into her and soon ***. Joe and Bobby looked at me for the ok, and I knodded to go for it. Joe could stand no more and was between her legs with the head of his **** at the enterance to to **** hole.In one shove he went balls deep in her. Bobby and I got on the side of the table where Kathy could reach us and she started to jack us off. Kathy soon had another *** only harder than the last, Joe was ******* like it was his first piece of ***, and soon shot a huge load deep in her *****. He pulled out of her and the combination of both of their ******* was dripping from her. The table was not very comfortable, so we headed for the bedroom. Once on the bed Kathy got on her knees, *** in the air and motioned for Bobby to take her next. Kathy doesn't do anal sex, but doesn't need to. as she can take several loads in her ***** and mouth. Bobby entered her **** with his big **** and was completely inher with in one slow stroke. She motioned me to put my **** in her mouth. This was Kathy's favorite thing to do, suck **** and get ****** at the same time. She soon sucking my **** like a wild woman. Joe was still rock hard, as he never went soft from ******* her. Bobby was ******* her with a slow steady rythme. Kathy soon *** hard again, and kept rocking back onto Bobby's **** as she sucked mine. Within about 5 more minutes, Bobby's pace picked up, and his big balls started to rise. He started to groan as his ****** was getting very near. Kathy was ready to *** again, as I was also very close. Bobby let out a gasp, andgrabbed Kathy by the hips and shot spurt after spurt of his load in her, as she started to *** hard again. This put me over the edge and I too shot my own load in Kathy's eger mouth, she trying her best to swallow it all.When Bobby removed his now semi erect **** from her *****, Joe buried his **** in her for the second time. Joe ****** Kathy for about 10 minutes straight before he shot his second load of the night deep in her ****. Kathy had *** 2 more times also. Bobby was ready agin, when Joe pulled out as was I. Joe now was semi-erect. I took her ***** next, depositing a load in her. Bobby took her again after that as she sucked Joe to another hard on, and he dropped his 3'rd load in her mouth. Kathy said she couldn't remember how many times she *** that night. We all feel asleep on the bed in a tangled mess. *** all over Kathy us and the bed.
We all showered the next morning together, and we guys all got one more piece of *** off of her. We then went to dig out Bobby's pick up.
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lovely story seems like she was a real **** that wife of yours