Please Meet My Wife!

Here's some details that might help you understand my wife...


She touched my bum in club when I walked past her while she was dancing with another guy in 1990 and gave me her contact details - I was there with another woman.

We started dating and took her to the drive-inn for movies on our 1st date. She only wore a sexy  white tracsuit - I am quite confident that she wanted me to know it was for easy and quick access!

I then also joined her to many of her work related functions - her work colleagues warned me of her dancing. I experienced first hand how she would enjoy her dancing, but    eventually she would dance "out of her clothes" letting her jacket always fly and teasing to take her top and jeans off too.

We got engaged about a year later. At a friend's 21st party she danced with a friend of my friend that turned 21. But this time she danced "out of her clothes" again letting her jacket fly. It did not stop there as she danced closer, rubbing herself up and down against him and also guiding him to put his hands on her bum. (she was wearing jeans)

We got married just over another year later (she just turned 21). She then had a baby a year after that. At her sister's daughter's 21st she engaged in a tequilla challenge and won. But later she started dancing and danced "out of her clothes" again letting her jacket fly. She was wearing a white short dress that buttons up in front from bottom to top. It did not stop there as she danced closer, rubbing herself up and down against him and also again guiding him to put his hands on her bum. Then she started to unbutton the bottom 2 buttons teasing the guy as she continued rubbing herself  up and down against him.

At a prizegiving of my running club she wore this same white dress again. As she would sit, gaps would open between the buttons giving just enough space to get a peep of her **** and sexy nipples. When she caught the one guy trying to peep up under her dress, she slowly and "accidentely" moved the dress up higher allowing the guy an awesome view of her panty. She wore a matching white panty that had these openings embroided on the front, through which he could actually clearly see her lips at one stage - I noticed this from the stage as I was helping with the prizegiving.

Then there were the times when she went out a few evenings with some of her friends without me coming home very early in the mornings having had quite a few drinks! You can imagine her enjoying herself!

Then she suddenly started wearing very short skirts to work every day. This was very awesome because I could see the stares she received from men. This was a new hot side of her that I was starting to know - after 7 years of marriage!

In the year that followed she also then suddenly started to share her fantacies of another man making love to her - she would then *** very quickly. (without speaking out her fantacies the sex was boring and she seldom had ******.

Things seemingly quitened down a bit, but just over 5 years (after about 12 years of marriage) later she engaged in a very hot affair of just under a year. She suddenly went onto the pill, had countless late work nites and several weekends away with him even. She got a special short and sexy white dress made for Valentines day just for him.

4 Months down the line in this affair she started wearing new sexy underwear and low cut tops, dresses and hipsters reavealing much more of her voluptous body.


She came home always looking so hot and sensual and looking extremely seducing!


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My wife was very similar: working late or late business dinners, coming in after many drinks, etc. Then noticed her panties had changed from plain full cotton to much smaller, then lace and thongs. More recently I told her she needs to get some fun clothes. She has and to my surprise started wearing these clothes to work. Last week she had a 5 hour "lunch" and the same guy she had an affair with was there. She is falling back into her old ways...

Love it! I am sure you guys are doing great together. I am inspired to read all your stories,

Would love to share pics of her with you and I would share my wife with you.

No day is boring with her...

Sounds like your gonna have alot of interesting stories