Her New Lover

My wife has slept with many men since we've been together, but she usually only ***** them once or twice(she enjoys the hunt), so I'm very excited that she has found a new steady boyfriend.  She's only had two or three regular boyfriends.  Even better, the boyfriend is her boss, so they are ******* every day now.  He's a very well endowed(i saw a pic of his **** on her phone) black man, who **** multiple times.  I love that because every time they hook up, she sucks him to completion(and swallows) for his first ******, and has been able to *** at least twice more every time, my wife has multiple *******.  Anyways, after writing that I need to jerk off now, if you want to know more, send me a message.

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Very hot, thanks

Exquisite deliciousness!

My wife had bf and he was her boss also, it was a perfect affair for he often asked her to stay late when every one was gone. She would put in plenty of overtime. I like this arrnangement for I always knew where she was when she didn't come home on time. She was off the pill most of the time and I really didn't know why she didn't get pregnant. She later told me she wanted his baby the thought of it really turned her on and thats why she stop taking the pill so she would get pregnant after there first time! Thats the first time my wife had no control when ******* a lover, he had full control over her. His job took him to anther state and I was glad when it happen!.......She told much later she loved him.