First Time Hot Wive

Part 1
We had been looking into swinging for a few weeks and one big problem we have had is our age difference I’m 40 average looks she is 24 5’9 110 lbs and very hot with an *** that is mind blowing. We had been fighting a lot about the new lifestyle we were discovering. We had already been talking with John about having sex with my wife and I. So I called him and asked him if he could come over to talk to us. Well, we already had a couple coming over, that we had met the week before. It was about 7:30 pm and the doorbell rang, it was John. I answered it, let him in, and led him out back. Where we sat down and talked. I asked him if he thought my wife was hot, and he said yes.
She was still in the house he had walked by her earlier, and said hi. We hear the doorbell again it’s Frank and Ann. My wife lets them in and leads them out back. We do introductions and all sit down to play cards, and get to know each other. And then it happened, my wife stood up to go get something and I caught John really checking her out. At first I feel a touch of anger, which is very quickly replaced as I realize I have a huge hard on thinking about what he must be thinking then to my surprise she walks back out and I notice oh my god she likes him, she is shaking her *** as she walks. I know what that means she needs a big hard **** inside her that is the only time she walks like that.
The funny thing is she doesn’t even realize when she is walking like that. Well for the next hour or so my wife keeps getting up and walking around for one reason or another because she wants John to look at her. I am sitting there so horny, thinking about her and John ******* I can see his **** going in and out of her *****. So I think to myself, and I stand up and go in the house to bring out the laptop I return and set it on the table in front of my wife and say to Her show everyone our private pictures. I know that means John will see her *****. John gets up and walks around the table and stands between me and my wife looking at the screen, then it happens as John is standing there looking at my wife’s *****, I turn my head toward John’s crotch, which is almost right in my face, he is hard and very large. I am so turned on, I know that he is hard looking at my naked wife on the screen, his **** is at least 8 inches maybe nine.
I stand up, slide my chair toward him and say John, sit down and I sit in the next chair over. I sit there and have a very clear picture of his now hard **** in my wife’s soaking wet *****. I imagine him just grabbing her and throwing her up on the table. Him taking her pants off. Then he ***** the **** out of her with his huge **** right there in front of all of us. I can even hear her screaming **** Me John, Oh God, **** Me John. By now my **** is so hard, picturing this so I go in our bedroom, (our bedroom window overlooks the patio where everyone is sitting at). I can hear John and my wife talking so I lay down on the bed and start ************. I can hear them flirting back and forth, as I am imagining his big **** ******* her *****, I start to ***, ***, ***, and *** some more. I return to the patio, even my wife has no idea what I just did.
Her and John are sitting next to each other, my wife gets up and starts picking stuff up, I noticed when she got up, she rubbed against Johns arm, she acted like it was a mistake, but I know it wasn’t she wants his ****. She is walking back and forth with her Oh My God, I’m Horny wiggle, as I watch as John is looking at her I can tell by the look on his face, he is thinking God I Want To **** Her. The sexual tension between them is intense. I ask my wife to sit next to me, I want to tell her to Please let John **** you, but I can not bring myself to say the words. Then my wife looks at Ann, and says "Let me show you guys the motor home."
So my wife, Frank and Ann go in the motor home. I look at John, we are now alone and I say, I can see the way you are looking at my wife you want to **** her? He says Oh yes, she is very hot. I smile at him and say "Come on and look at the motor home." We go in the motor home, my wife; Frank and Ann are sitting in the living area when John and I enter. I look at John, then at my wife and say to her Hey babe, show John the bedroom. (I think to myself, I hope she knows what I mean). John and her go in the bedroom but my wife leaves the door open, I think to myself damn she didn’t know what I meant, so I think for a moment I walk over by the bedroom, look in at my wife standing on one side of the bed and John standing on the other side. I say to my wife Babe show him the bedroom. and I slide the door shut.
Oh I’m so horny thinking about him ******* her. I walk out in the living area and say to Frank and Ann "Let’s go sit on the patio and talk. About twenty minutes later I can hear my wife screaming Oh John **** me, **** me harder! I think to myself, my wife is having the time of her life, and that makes me feel very good about what she is feeling right now. I think to myself oh my god this feels great.
Part 2: My wives view
I am sitting in the motor home with Frank and Ann, when John and my husband walk in. He walks over to me and says Why don’t you show John the bedroom. I look at him, thinking to myself God I love you. I look at John Come on, let me show you the bedroom. We walk to the bedroom, I go to the other side of the bed from John, and I start to wonder to myself, how do I get this started, when I realize that my ***** is dripping wet. Even running down my leg a little, I am so horny for his ****.
I look at Johns crouch and see that he is already getting hard, I then look at the door and start wondering "How can I get the door closed, so he can **** me?" The whole time I am thinking of how big his **** looks even through his jeans, I then realize that I really need his big **** in my *****. The thoughts are racing through my head, still in total shock over what my husband told me, I can still hear the words over and over in my head, Why don’t you show John the bedroom. I ask myself "Did he mean take him in here, and have him **** me?" This question is racing through my head I am hoping and hoping that he meant it that why.
I look back over at the door and there he is looking at me with that I Love You look on his face, as he says Babe show John the bedroom, and he winks at me. At this statement I feel the temperature between my legs rise and my ***** is quivering now. I have never felt anything like this, I am so horny yet, so scared and nervous. The wetness in my ***** is more than I can ever remember; I really want this mans **** and that my husband is right outside the door dawns on me, making my ***** even wetter. He closes the door and I hear the others leaving the motor home. I am so over whelmed with fear, at the same time I have never been so hot for any mans ****, until this moment. John asks me Are you and your husband ok with this? I look at his massive ****, outlining his pants as I tell him Yes my husband told me to bring you in here so we can ****.
With this John walks around the bed I feel his hand touch my shoulder and I can’t believe how badly I need this mans ****. He begins touching my **** through my shirt, as he slowly runs his hands down my now quivering body, he gets to my waist and removes the flimsy material. He starts kissing my neck and as my mouth goes dry, he runs his left hand down to my waist and unbuttons my pants. Sliding his hand down inside my pants, he can feel the wetness on my crotch.
My juice is half way down to my right knee, he takes one finger and slides into the apex between my thighs, he is amazed how wet I am he can feel the heat radiating off my soaking wet *****, he begins inserting his finger in my hot throbbing *****. I can not believe it, my whole body starts shaking. John is giving me the best ****** of my life with a simple finger. I am drowning in pleasure so overwhelming, that any fear I had is now totally gone. I reach for my pants and slide them down my long legs, and drop down on the floor in front of him. I begin rubbing his **** through his pants and can’t believe the size of his ****, it’s so huge. I wonder if it is going to fit in me (he is a good nine inches my husband is only six). John undoes his pants and removes them. I am on my knees, my mouth and ***** watering for his huge ****. I know I have a begging look on my face.
He approaches me and I see his **** for the first time, thinking in total awe Oh my God, thank you honey. He has a beautiful ****. I take his **** in my right hand and begin stroking him, playing with his rather large balls. He is rubbing the top of my head with one hand and he lightly pulls my head towards his ****. I very gladly open my mouth and take the head of his **** in, as I am stroking it at the same time. I can feel the *** dripping from my throbbing *****, I think God I want his **** so bad. He then gently starts to push his now fully erect **** almost down my throat. He begins to **** my mouth with his beautiful **** and again I am amazed as yet another ****** surfaces. I have never had an ****** other than during intercourse and this is the second one he has given me. He hasn’t even ****** my *****.
He then pulls his rock hard **** out, bending down grabs me by the shoulders, pulling me up roughly; he pushes me back on the bed. As my body slams down on the bed, he gets down on the floor between my legs and roughly spreads them as wide as they will go. Pushing them forward, he says I am going to **** the **** out of you, when I’m done you won’t be able to see straight. I began to wonder, how did he know? I love sex kind of rough my, husband must have told him.
God I love him so much. At this moment I truly know how much my husband loves me. And I feel it, his tongue lightly touching my, by now, soaked ***** and it feels like nothing I have ever felt. It hits me, I feel deep inside my *****, a light convulsing. I scream out Oh My God, as he starts to suck my entire ***** into his mouth. I am about to have another huge ******, I can hear him sucking in all of my juices.
Then my whole body starts to shake as wave after wave after wave of ****** hit me. All of a sudden his mouth is gone and I feel so empty. He stands in front of me grabs both my legs, sliding my *** a little past the edge of the bed, he lifts me up to line his rock hard huge **** up with my wanting, waiting *****. I feel like the last ten minutes have been my whole life. I feel the head of his **** at the entrance of my *****, he pushes it in just a little and I am in such instant heaven that I start moaning quietly Oh God John, your **** feels so good in my ***** oh give me more. He then slowly pushes his **** about half way in I am having an ****** like I have never felt before, like the heaviest thunder storm ever.
I now am screaming Oh My God! **** Me, **** Me Hard With Your Big ****. God I Love How Your **** Feels I scream out Give Me More John! He goes a little deeper, I scream again Oh God Give Me All Of Your ****. He knows now I am ready to be ******, he pulls me up a little higher and begins lifting my legs up, dropping me all the way down on his huge ****. I no longer even remember my own name. The next thing I know, he is pumping me full of his hot ***. I can feel it flooding my *****, overflowing down to my ***. I have never felt anything like it. It feels like he has been pumping his *** into me for hours and hours, his *** feels fantastic in my *****. He removes his **** from my now gaping *****; I hear a load plop as he leaves me full of his ***. I collapse on the bed and can not believe what just happened my ***** has never felt like it does at this moment; it feels so empty without his huge **** in me. John looks at me and says Wow not very many women can take all of my ****. Your husband is a very lucky man; you are very hot woman. With that John went back out to the patio leaving me in a glorious daze.
Part 3: The afterglow
I walk in to the bedroom of the motor home and am very surprised by the way my wife looks. She has a glowing on her face I have never before seen, seeing Johns *** spilling out of her still gaping *****, I lay down next to her on the bed and ask Are you ok, baby? She responds Oh yes, better than ok. I love you baby. I love you too I say So how was it? Did you like his ****? She sighs in pure pleasure Oh my god that thing is amazing. Babe it’s huge I ask were you able to take it all? You reply Oh yes, and it was oh my god huge! It made me feel so full. I love you baby for letting me have it. I know baby, tell me more who got stuff going? I asked. He did he fingered me made me ****** just with his finger it was incredible babe. Ok what next. I got down on my knees in front of him and he basically ****** my mouth even that gave me another ******.
Oh it was so hot babe I only wish you would have stayed in here. Oh no babe it sounds like you had a lot of fun, besides I was on the patio listening to you screaming it was hot. I’m really horny now though. She looks at me and says Well babe I will give you a ******* after everyone leaves. I would now but I am to light headed he really ****** the **** out of me babe. I don’t think I have ever been ****** like that before he was even a little rough. Yea I know I told him you like it just a little rough. Good baby I’m really happy you had fun. So do you think you will want to **** him again sometime? Oh yes if it’s ok with you because that was great. The next time I want to do a three way though with you and him you got to see his **** babe.
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Very well written, you captured all the points that a cuck wants to happen. Hot!, my wife was just on the phone with me after being ****** by her current B/F so my ****** was that much more memorable....thanks