My Wife’s Fantasy

Me and my wife are talking and some how Paul came up a friend of ours. I remember that first time my wife meant him I could tell she lusted for him. So I asked her would you like to **** him. And to my surprise she admitted she would love to **** him. So I told her ok I will talk to him about it. That afternoon I *********** imagining him ******* my wife. The bad thing is I would not see Paul until Monday at the earliest and this happened on Saturday. I *********** a lot that weekend imagining him ******* my wife. Monday I went to work and happened to see Paul in the early afternoon I asked him if he had some time to talk and he said sure what’s up? Paul and I sit down in my office and I say. this is not work related but I have question for you. Are you open minded as far as sex is concerned? He says well it depends what you mean, I am yes however I have limits. Ok well here is the thing me and my wife where talking and she has always claimed to not be attracted to anyone else. I knew she was lying about that she is human. Well your name came up in our talk in fact I asked her if you could have sex with anyone that we know who would you choice. She said Paul. I told her I would talk to you and see if you where interested. You see the thing is I want this to happen and I would even like to watch and maybe even video tape it. You see I love her very much and she is opening up to me more and more and we are growing closer and closer together so I want to make this happen for her. Paul is dumb founded by this and has a look of shock on his face and says. Well it sounds like something I could do can you explain more details will you just watch? Well Paul I would like to video tape it if that’s ok with you? Yes video taping is fine with me no face shoots though. Ok no problem. Well me and my wife have talked at length about this and would like to do this here at the office on a Saturday when no one is here if that’s ok with you? Yea that would be great what Saturday are you thinking? This coming Saturday if that is ok with you? Yes this Saturday works for me what time? well what kind of stamina do you have? I can go a very long time an hour or more then after I *** once I go well over an hour until the second time I ***. ok we should set it up early then how about 6? Ok works for me. ok we are set for this Saturday at 6. I am making my wife’s fantasy come to life.

The following Saturday morning my wife and I wake up and get our coffee and sit down and start talking. I have still not told her about tonight. She says so what do you want to do today? I tell her well I have to meet a customer at the office just for a few minutes. And after that maybe we will go to a club so dress real hot babe. She says ok we are meeting Paul at the shop aren’t we you told me he said no but he said yes didn’t he? I say ok babe think what you want honey. My wife spends all afternoon getting ready she is sure we are meeting Paul. This is perfect because we are meeting him and I want her to be ready for him to **** her.

We arrive at the office at 5:55 I told Paul to show up at 6 or a little after me and my wife go inside. There is a knock at the door I answer it and let Paul in. at first Paul and my wife are very shy. Paul walks over to her and says wow you look very nice tonight. She blushes and I can tell he has already made her ***** wet. A silence falls on the room. I say to my wife honey show him your **** and I say to Paul lets see your ****. And I start filming. My wife removes her shirt Paul unzips his pants and drops them to the floor. You can see even now how large he is even through his boxers. My wife drops to her knees in front of him with an almost begging look on her face. She grasps the bottom of his boxers and begins pulling them down his **** pops out from the waist band of his boxers. My wife has a very hungry look on her face seeing his **** for the first time. He is above average in size not huge but above average he is about 8” long and very thick he has a slight curve to the right. My wife’s hand on is **** is an awesome sight I *********** all week thinking about this moment. She begins stroking his **** and running her tongue up and down the length of his beautiful now rock hard ****. She now starts to tongue the head of his **** very slowly. I can see by the look on my wife’s face she really likes his ****. She slowly begins sucking him into her mouth. I love the site of her sucking his **** and massaging his very large balls. She told me she had wished he would be shaved clean and he was shaved totally clean, she really likes that. she removes his **** from her mouth ands runs her mouth down the bottom of his shaft and starts to suck on his very large balls she is slobbering all over his **** and balls it is even dripping off him and pudding up on the floor. Paul reaches down and pulls her up and kisses her very deep he then walks her over to the counter and removes her skirt. He picks her up and places her on the counter and he begins touching her all over very seductively. He slowly kisses most of her upper body moving down slowly toward the fire that is now between her long sexy legs. I can now see her ***** is very wet, he begins kissing her right inner thigh and slowly moves up toward her swollen heaving *****. The look on her face is one of complete abandonment of her surroundings. His tongue for the first time touches her soaking wet ***** he begins licking her ***** I can tell he is amazed at how wet she is and he begins to insert his tongue into her now very hungry *****. she is moaning very loudly now and from the noises she is making getting very close to her first ******. and then all of sudden her whole body begins to quiver she is exploding with a huge ****** as he sucks her ***** wildly. she screams oh my god Paul don’t stop he continues until she relaxes again and he stands up in between her now shaking legs. I can see her *** running down over her *** and onto the counter below. Paul slowly moves closer to her wanting ***** with his still very hard **** in hand and begins to rub her ***** with the head of his **** and says to her you want this? my wife looks right at him and says loudly yes please **** me now Paul I want your hard **** in my ***** now. with that he begins to insert his very thick **** in my wife’s dripping wet ***** he inserts it very slowly at first. I can see by the look on my wife’s face she is very happy with the size of his ****. he then all of sudden buries his hard **** in my wife’s ***** she begins screaming with delight. Oh my god Paul **** me **** me harder Paul. My wife has waited a very long time for this moment. And she is having her first wave of ****** with his very thick hard **** in her *****. With this Paul grabs her outer thighs and begins hammering my wife’s ***** as she is screaming and having wave after wave of ******. he slows his pace pulls her close to him and lifts her off the counter turns around and lays her on the arm of the waiting area couch his **** buried deep inside the whole time. he lays her all the way back and he stands straight up and begins plowing his **** deep in to her ***** she is screaming again as he hammers her soaking wet *****. I can see her *** all over his **** ever time he pulls it out of her. as he slams in and out of her I can even hear like a sloshing sound she is so wet. Paul starts slamming harder and harder into her she is in heaven she is screaming loudly now oh my god Paul **** me Paul **** me oh yes Paul. And then it happens he begins pumping and pumping my wife full of his *** we forgot the condom. Paul removes his still throbbing **** from my wife’s swollen and now gaping *****. I can see his *** slowly running out of my wife’s gaping *****. At this moment my wife finally realizes he was not wearing a condom as his seed runs from deep within her *****. She looks at me and says honey please lick my ***** to help calm me down (she always lets me lick her after another man has ****** her). so I get down between her legs and realize oh my god he **** a lot I can see inside my wife’s ***** a huge puddle of his seed and I begin licking her ***** and consuming Paul’s still very warm *** from my wife’s gaping ***** I am amazed at how great it taste’s my wife’s sweet juice mixed with Paul’s hot *** wow I am a very lucky man. About 20 minutes later my wife has to force me off of her she has had enough. I look up and see she is sucking Paul’s now rock hard **** again she stands up and walks over to the counter bends over and says honey you can get more of his *** out of me like this so I get down on the floor behind her and begin licking her soaked ***** again. She begins to push his *** out of her ***** and into my waiting mouth there is so much I gag on it trying to swallow it. And my wife says Paul please **** me again I need your **** in me again. so I move Paul hands me the camera and approaches my wife from behind and begins rubbing his **** on her *****. He places the head over her opening and penetrates her again. her legs are shaking and she says Paul oh my god I love your **** I never want to be without your beautiful ****. I knew at this moment he would be ******* her often she loves his **** I knew she would that’s why I set it up for her.

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I'm happy you found each other, I am also jealous! I hope you are alsways able to make her happy or should I say that she is able to make you happy. Love that cremepie! Hot wives rule!

Awesome hot story.