A Simple Trip To The Store

I have had a fantasy for a long time now. It makes me very horny thinking of watching my wife having intercourse with other men and them ******* the hell out of her I even at times can see and hear it happening, her screaming oh yea **** me **** me harder. I never in a million years thought she would make this fantasy a reality.
It is a Saturday morning our son is gone for the weekend and we are alone at home. We get dressed and head out to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. We pull into a parking spot get out and begin walking toward the store. And we see him he is about 29 years old and very cute about 6.2 and muscular looking I can see him looking at my wife undressing her with his eyes. To my surprise I look at my wife and she is looking at him in the same way kind of a god I bet he has a nice ****. He has defiantly made her moist. This begins to make me think of my fantasy and I imagine him ******* the **** out of her. I look at her and say he’s kind of cute don’t you think babe. And of course she acts like she didn’t even notice him. I know what she looks like when she is turned on and she had the look strong. We continue into the store he is walking in right behind us we pretend like the encounter never happened. We are standing at the counter in sporting goods waiting for someone to help us and he comes walking up what are the chances?
I see my wife look at him again with that look. I catch him looking at her from top to bottom and he really likes what he sees. I say to him how’s it going. He responds pretty good just getting a fishing license. Oh really us to wow where are going fishing at? Tempe Town Lake tomorrow. Cool. I look over at my wife and I can tell she is very turned on by him. At this point I think of my fantasy again even picture him kissing her right there and then wow it’s hot I can feel my **** growing in my pants. I think he notices some thing strange as I am standing there deep in my fantasy. He looks over at my wife and gives her a very clear I want to **** you look. And my wife defiantly returns the look. I witness this and feel very jealous at first. I think to myself my baby would be doing this as much for me as for her. For the first time I actually think my fantasy could become a realty at last. I just blurt out can we have your phone number? He says oh yes of course as he is looking at my wife still with that hot look. he never even asked what we wanted his phone number for he knew we all knew he would being ******* my wife before long.
We get in the truck and begin driving home I have a barrage of different feelings including jealousy however I have the biggest hard on I have ever had in my life and I am hornier than I’ve ever been thinking about his **** penetrating my wife’s *****. I say to my wife wow he’s pretty hot babe. And she says he’s alright. Oh come on babe I can tell you want his **** you can tell me it’s ok. I might get a little jealous at first but I’ll be fine as long as it is kept just sex and you don’t start having feelings other than simply wanting his **** and you respect my feelings if I ask you stop or don’t talk to him anymore. The last time we almost did this that was my problem we agreed not to go ahead with the guy and you were still going so I felt like you cared about him more than me or like he was more than just hot sex. We return home and go in the house I still have a huge hard on you walk to the bedroom and go the bathroom I follow you and wait for you on our bed you come out I grab you throw you on the bed and tell you to close your eyes and think about Donny (the man at Wal-Mart) you close your eyes and I begin going down on you.
I come up for a moment and say babe please say his name! You begin moaning oh Donny Donny I love your tongue as you begin the biggest ****** I have ever seen you have you start yelling oh Donny **** me Donny **** me hard! So I stand and begin to insert my **** in your ***** and you quiver with sexual ecstasy. I say oh my god this is hot babe say his name some more I am deep in your ***** pounding you and you begin screaming **** me harder Donny oh god **** me hard and then you say it oh Jon I love you for this it is so hot you have one more massive ****** your ***** is clamped down so hard around my **** I explode in you with the best ****** of my life I collapse on top of you and you open your eyes and say to me you know your job clean his *** out of my ***** now. I get down on my knees between your legs and begin licking and fantasizing that it really is Donny’s *** that I am licking out of your ***** and you say that’s right clean up his *** good *****!
Part 2 The Phone Number
The following Saturday morning I am already awake and reading stories about my fantasy and you get up and walk into the back room to find me reading. I begin telling you about one of the stories I just read. And you finally seem interested and you ask to read the one I told you about so I find it for you and move. You begin reading it and I can tell it is turning you on. I sit there in awe realizing my fantasy may just become a reality I wonder to myself do I really want this? Will I be jealous? Will I be angry? I begin getting hard watching you reading it. And I ask you will you do something for me? You ask me what do you want me to do. Will you come in the bedroom and make noise like another man is ******* you while I ********** with my eyes closed? Just say things like oh god **** me Donny **** me hard Donny god I love your **** Donny and pretend like your having a huge ******. You say no I’m not doing that. I’ll ********** you and you can say stuff like that but I don’t want to say things like that, that’s moving a little to fast for me.
I love you and I still don’t fully understand why you want me to **** other men. Babe last weekend was very very hot just the thought of seeing another man’s **** buried in your ***** makes me so hot I don’t really know why it just does. I love you very much that’s why I want you to have some awesome sex. You stand up and say let’s go. So we go the bedroom. You tell me to lay with my head on the corner of the bed you blind fold me. You squirt lube all over **** and you say oh Donny I love when you lick my ***** like this as you moan real loud. You say to me stroke your **** Jim while Donny ***** me. I begin stroking my **** I hear you moaning and you say real loud **** me now Donny while my husband watches please **** me good for him though. And I hear you moaning oh yea give all your **** Donny. All of sudden you grab my hand and pull it off my **** and place a baggy over it and say *** in the baggie *****. You continue making sounds like Donny is ******* you and I explode into the baggie. You take the baggie. I feel a **** on my mouth and you say.
Suck mine and Donny’s *** off of his **** for me and you insert the didlo in my mouth and I can taste the *** you rubbed all over and I can’t taste yours. He really was ******* you. You start to **** my mouth with the *** soaked ***** I begin getting hard again. You say to me stroke your **** for me I want to see you *** now. I begin stroking my now hard again **** while you are still ******* my mouth and I start shooting *** everywhere. I am still laying there now spent from ******* twice and I feel you scooping up the *** on my belly you move your now full of *** hand to my mouth and force it inside and say lick it off all of it. You then tell me get cleaned up I’m going to smoke. I get cleaned up and go to the back room I sit down and ask you are we ready to invite him over for a night? You say I think so get his phone number and you call him. I say ok and get his phone number and make the call.
Part 3 Are We Ready
I talk to Donny on the phone for about a half hour he seems to be fine with what we are looking for. He tells me he is bi and would prefer a three way. I tell him we would think about it for now we just wanted him to come with no real plans other than maybe playing cards. He said ok and we set it up for the following Saturday night.
The following Saturday me and the wife had sex mid day and the whole time she had her eyes closed I knew what she was thinking about. It really turned me on knowing she was thinking about Donny ******* her. It was almost seven and we were both very nervous he was set to arrive at seven. And we hear a knock at the door I go and answer it it’s Donny. I let him in and realize this might actually happen tonight. He looks really hot he is wearing a polo shirt and fairly tight jeans. A good size bulge in his genital area, I guide him out back on the patio were my wife is already setting up the table to play cards. She stops and looks him up and down and says hi while giving him that look. I could tell he already made her very wet she really wants his **** I can tell. I see her looking at his bulge in his jeans and it is making her very horny.
We all sit down and just make small talk for awhile and we begin playing poker just for chips at first. After about an hour my wife is out of chips and I say to Donny what do you think each piece of her clothing would be worth? He says well I don’t know. I say how about we just play ***** poker? Donny says sure sounds good. So we play several hands and my wife has lost most of them and Donny has lost a few, my wife only has her panties left, Donny has his pants and boxers and I have pants boxers and both socks. Donny says well looks like we are about done. I say what do mean? Well your wife is about out of clothes. I say ok then here is the deal once the first person is naked we up the stakes we all take it all off and from that hand on the winner gets to make the other two perform an act together for at least ten minutes. I say to make it interesting the act can be anything at all except any type of act that could endanger someone’s life other than that no limits. Sound good? We all agree and my wife loses the very next hand so now we all must become naked.
I can see Donny looking at her, he wants to **** her I can see it his eyes. I look over and see my wife getting first look at Donny’s **** and she is very impressed. I look through the glass table and to my surprise she is rubbing her ***** wow I’ve never seen her so horny. Donny has been here for a few hours now and we are very relaxed. She is looking at his **** it is just a little longer than mine but a lot thicker and very nice it is straight unlike mine and shaved totally clean it is actually very nice not to big not to small cut. In fact it even turns me on. We deal the cards and Donny wins. I ask him what would you like to see us do? He thinks for a moment and says I want her to sit on the edge of the table and you eat her *****. So my wife gets up and to my surprise walks over to the side of the table were Donny is seated and sits up on the table I walk over and get on the ground and begin licking her ***** I look over toward Donny and my wife is rubbing his **** with her foot while I lick her ***** she starts having a huge ****** her juice is filling my mouth. She calms down and I stop and stand up and ask her do you want him to **** you babe? You say no we are playing cards who’s deal is it and you remove your foot from his now rock hard **** and return to your seat.
The cards are dealt and you win. Donny’s still hard **** pointing straight out. You look at me and say I want Donny to lean on the table and you suck his ****. Donny walks over and leans on the table right by you I come over and begin sucking his ****. I look over and see you rubbing your now very swollen and wanting ***** as you watch me suck his beautiful **** deep into my mouth I hear you getting close to another ******. I look over and see you now have your legs spread in the patio chair and you having one hell of an ****** so I remove his **** from my mouth so you can see it and I begin sucking his balls and stroking his very hard ****. You finish your ****** and I ask you do you want his **** babe because I really want to see him **** you, I can tell you need it. You say no we are playing cards I already told you that and I’m going to win again. So we deal again and Donny wins again I am really trying to win I want Donny to **** the **** out of my wife she needs it. Ok I ask Donny what now? I want your wife on the edge of table and I want you to sink your **** all the way in her and then remove it once a minute for ten minutes. So of course she goes over and sits on the table right next to Donny’s chair I walk up and insert my **** all the way for the first time and then remove it my wife is already playing with Donny’s **** with her one foot. A minute passes and I plunge in her again she is looking hard at Donny’s **** she begins convulsing hard and ******* she is sitting in a big puddle of her own ***. After the fifth time doing this I know it is driving her mad looking at his beautiful **** so I back up look at Donny and ask will you please **** her now as she sits dazed on the table I don’t think she even knows where she is. Donny stands up walks in front of her and places the head of his rock hard **** on her ***** lips she lays back on the table as she begins to have another ******.
He then begins ******* her real hard as I pull her hair and bite her neck from the other side of the table. She is lying on the table and shaking violently with one ****** after the other. I whisper in her ear thank you baby this is way hot she doesn’t even hear me she is deep in the throws of ****** like she has never before felt and Donny begins ******* her so hard she starts to scream his name oh Donny **** me **** me harder oh my god!!!! He starts driving so hard into my wife I start to wonder if the table is going to collapse. Donny says oh my god I’m going to *** with one last very hard thrust into my wife he explodes and I am in such unexplainable ecstasy. My wife then pulls my ear to her mouth and says I love you baby that was awesome will you eat his *** out of his condom for me. Of course honey that’s least I can do for you. So I go to the other side and walk up to Donny, his **** now getting soft in my wife’s ***** I ask him can I have your condom? He removes his **** from my wife’s soaking wet ***** looks at me kind of funny shrugs his shoulders removes the condom and says you need to suck my **** a little to. After all I just did you a big favor. He hands me the condom I get on my knees in front of him to thank him for what he just gave us.
You are now sitting up watching me thank him. He begins growing in my mouth I look up and I see you watching me thank him. You say to me make him *** again in your mouth this time, that way you can’t say I was the only one to get some **** tonight. I suck his **** for quite awhile, while you and he are kissing and he finally gives me my treat I swallow it all of course. We then say our goodbyes and he leaves. Me and you return to the patio and realize we forgot about the full condom sitting on the table. You tell me to sit down I do and you get down between my legs and say it’s time for me to thank you. You take the full condom you tell me to open my mouth you insert it and say suck on mine and Donny’s sex while I suck your ****.
You proceed to give me the best blow job of my life and all the while I can taste your *** and Donny’s *** from the condom in my mouth wowwwwww. The End
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Wow! i wish my wife was so inclined!