128 Ways To Humiliate Your Husband

1. Tease your husband with sex and sexual ideas.

2. Comment on how good other men look to you.

3. Tell your husband you like big dicks.

4. Tell your husband his **** is not big enough for you.

5. Tell your husband your lover/s are much better at sex.

6. Tell your husband he is a wimp.

7. Tell your husband he is a ***.

8. Laugh, grin, giggle or shake your head in contempt every time you see your husbands ****.

9. Tell your husband you can't wait to have sex with someone else.

10. Tell your husband you're horny because you have been thinking of some other man.

11. Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out to look for other men.

12. Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out on a date.

13. Take a lot of care when you get ready to go out. Do your self up really good, a long bubble bath, shave your legs, paint your nails, wear perfume and jewellery, do your hair, everything, the whole nine yards.

14. Shave your *****.

15. Make your husband bathe you, shave your legs and *****, pick out clothes, jewellery and perfume to get you ready for your to go out.

16. Get a tattoo of a suggestive nature: QOS (Queen of Spades for attracting black men), black snake, "****", "Easy" "Robert"( your lovers name) etc. You can get temporary ones too.

17. Wear ankle bracelets. These are a sign that you are available to ****.

18. Wear ultra sexy, revealing slutty clothing, especially high heels.

19. Don't wear underwear.

20. If you do, wear the skimpiest, sexiest thongs.

21. Flirt heavily with other men at all times, especially in front of your husband.

22. Find, meet and go out with other cheating wives.

23. Form a local cheating wives club.

24. Make your husband give you lots of cash when you go out.

25. Make your husband go out and get a hotel room for you and your lover to use and bring you the key.

26. Make your husband go with you and watch from across the bar/club as you meet, flirt and pick up men.

27. Make your husband drive you and your lover around while you and him make out, suck and **** in the back seat.

28. Make your husband drive you and your lover to the motel and make your husband sit in the car and wait until your done, whenever that is.

29. Make your husband go out and find lots of men for you and you pick and choose which ones you like.

30. Make your husband go into a bar/club and tell candidates that you are available for sex

31. Suck off men under the table in a bar/club.

32. Suck off men in the parking lot or alley.

33. Let men feel you up in public.

34. Let men **** you in the parking lot, on the hood of your husbands car or in the back seat.

35. Let your husband see, feel and eat your lover's *** that has been deposited in your face, mouth, ***** and ***.

36. Make your husband watch.

37. Deny your husband the privilege of watching.

38. **** another man in your bed.

39. **** another man while your husband is at work

40. **** another man while your husband is in the next room.

41. **** another man, film it and make your husband watch it later .

42. Place your husband in a chastity device.

43. Tie up or otherwise restrain your husband and make him watch while you **** other men. Consider gagging him too.

44. While your ******* your men and your husband is restrained, call your husband nasty, demeaning names.

45. While your husband watches, always verbally express how good it feels.

46. Do things with other men you wouldn't or haven't done with your husband.

47. Tell your husband all the details of your *******.

48. Deny your husband the details of your *******, but let him know your ******* other men.

49. Tell your mature daughters you **** other men and Daddy likes it.

50. **** your husband's boss.

51. **** your husband's friends

52. **** black men.

53. **** older men

54. **** younger men

55. **** rich men

56. **** bikers, truckers and cops.

57. Tell your husband you'd like to get pregnant by another man

58. Get pregnant by another man

59. Suck off a man in front of your husband and spit the *** in your husband's mouth.

60. Go to XXX adult video booths and suck dicks through glory holes.

61. Make your husband suck your lovers ****

62. Make your husband lick your lovers *******.

63. Make your husband take your lovers **** up the ***

64. Make your husband wear women's clothing, make up and a wig.

65. Make your husband clean the house while you're out ******* other men.

66. Make your husband baby sit your lover's children while you got out with your lover.

67. Make your husband wash and wax your lover's car while you **** in your bed.

68. Make your husband go to your lover's house and mow, paint, do other chores while you **** in your bed.

69. Make your husband get a "Cuckold" tattoo.

70. You and your lover escort your husband to the clinic for a vasectomy and you both watch while it is done.

71. Make your husband work more overtime while you go out.

72. Make your husband pick out and pay for gifts for your lovers.

73. Make your husband ask your lovers to **** you.

74. Make fun of your husbands **** in front of your lovers and your husband.

75. Deride, insult, and name call your husband in front of him and your lovers.

76. Have your lovers humiliate your husband.

77. Have your lovers slap your husband

78. Teach your daughters to have sex with your lovers

79. Teach your daughters to humiliate their father.

80. Go out looking for men with your daughters.

81. **** on your husband right before you leave for a date.

82. **** on your husband right before you leave for a date.

83. Deny your husband sex for long periods of time.

84. Deny your husband all sex, even ************.

85. Allow your husband only ************.

86. Let a big dog **** your husband.

87. Walk around your house naked but deny your husband sex.

88. Watch **** movies, ********** but deny your husband sex.

89. ********** in front of your husband while you tell him the details of your sex with others.

90. Bring home used condoms and give them to your husband.

91. Wear all jewellery, clothes given to you by your lovers.

92. Have your lover's call you at home and ask for you when your husband answers.

93. Let your lovers use your husband's prize possessions i.e. boat, motorcycle, guns, computers, car/truck, etc. anytime they want.

94. Leave notes for your husband telling him your out on a date and for him to clean the house, wash the car, do chores etc.

95. Call your lovers in front of your husband just to flirt, chat and make dates.

96. Make your husband buy all of your condoms and lube.

97. Make your husband pay for all items and services related to your ******* other men.

98. Make your husband lick out *** from your ***** and ***.

99. Make your husband lick off any ***** juice and *** from your lovers ****.

100. Make your husband suck your lovers **** into a hard on so your lover can **** you again.

101. Make your husband guide your lovers **** into your ***** and ***.

102. Make your husband lie under the bed while you **** your lovers.

103. Tell your girlfriends your husband is a cuckold and you like to flirt alot whit other men, when you are a party.

104. Tell your mother.

105. Tell HIS mother.

106. Find girlfriends you like to go out with that hate your husband.

107. Make your husband buy you sex toys.

108. When out buying **** clothes, take your husband with you and make it clear to the sales staff that the clothes will be worn for other men, not your husband. Say things like, "Oh! He'll love this!" Or, "Mmm, I know I can pick up a lot guys with that!"

109. Fall in love with another man.

110. Tell your lover you love him in front of your husband.

111. Have a second marriage ceremony with all your closest friends that know you're a ****, remove the ring given to you by your husband and wear the ring given to you by your lover. Make your husband the ring bearer and an usher and leave for a honeymoon financed by your husband. Hell, take the kids.

112. Same as above but leave the kids for hubby to take care of.

113. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting assfucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need


114. Flirt and kiss other men when you are out.

115. Always let other men pay for your drinks when you are out.

116. Show your husband phone nr from other men.

117. Always dress your self like a **** when you are in other mens company.

118. You and your lover, use the mouth of your huby like an ashtray after you made love with your lover.

119. get rid of all the toilet paper in the house. in the morning when bull has to dump a load, have him drag sissy into the toilet on all fours. while bull does his buisness, sissy cleans off bull's feet. then bull turns around and grabs sissy's head and forces him to use his tongue as toilet paper. there is nothing more humiliating than having to clean **** off a big hairy bull *******. and then having to thank him for the honor. repeat this every day.

120. have your lover bring his buddies over for a football game. sissy will serve them beer and they won't even have to get up to go ****. all they have to do is snap their fingers and sissy scurries over on all fours, opens his mouth and drinks all their ****. hope for overtime so that sissy can drink **** all night long.

121. After a bout of heavy sex in the bedroom, with the cuck being denied watching,tell him you feel sorry for him and tell him he can join you "for a few lines"!!! The little *****, thinking he's gonna be getting high with you, will happily come traipsing his pansy *** into his former "master bedroom" (same named room...just no longer his!!)

When the little ***** starts looking around for his "lines",hot wife opens her thighs and shows fluff boy lines of *** dribbling out of ***** and ***!!! The bull will then force the poor cuck to snort that nasty stuff up using his ****** (brown!) nose.

122. Whenever you go away on a trip alone have your husband pack condoms and toys in your suitcase. Wonder aloud whether or not there are enough condoms. Then ask your husband if he thinks he should go to the store and buy more or risk having you run out.

123. When your lover is over, send him to bed early (like 8:00) so you can have some privacy with your lover.

124. Threaten to give him a bare bottom spanking in front of your lover if he comes out of his bedroom before morning.

125. Follow through on the above threat. While spanking his bare butt, lecture him about how you deserve a good ******* from a real man and you are not going to tolerate him interrupting that.

126. The wife and lover go on weekend trips together. Make sure your mother-in-law stays at home with him to watch and to keep him out of trouble.

127. Make your husband suck your lover off when you're on your period or not feeling well.

128. When you're out on the town with your husband, toward the end of your date with him, tell him how horny you are. Once your husband is excited at the prospect, get on the phone and call you lover. Make your husband drive over to the lover's house so she can **** him. Make your husband wait in the other room of the guy's house until you're finished *******. Have the husband quickly lick your ***** clean and you're ready to finish your night on the town with your husband, or you can just go home and sleep.

129.   Have your husband commited to a psychiatric hospital for 6 months while you **** all the men you want.  Have him given painful injections and ask the doctor for shock treatments for him and when you visit the poor bastard in the hospital, you flirt with the doctor.
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As you are getting ready to go on a date, have him get ready as well in matching outfits, perfume and makeup so he can feel as slutty as you would. He can stay that way until you get home.Call or text him when you touch up your makeup so he can too. Of course he will have to shop with you often as well.

Having been cuckold before, the most humiliating thing that happen to me. I came home from work, my wife's Bull's car was in the driveway, forcing me to find a spot down the street.
I walk in and there is my wife's Bull sitting on my couch with his arm around my wife and drinking my beer. Then her Bulls looks at me saying "Yo cucky (he always refers to me as cucky, period)I need you to go out and wash my car, I want to spend some time with your wife. My wife then snaps "dont just stand there, move slow poke". I go to change and the two of them go back to enjoying each other.
Im in the driveway preparing to wash my wife's bf car. Now mind you we live in a nice suburbia housing track. My wife's bull is black. Our home is a two story, the Master bedroom sits facing the front, off the right side of the driveway. Its still sunny and warm, kids are out and Im washing my wife's bf car.
After about 5 min into my chore, I could hear them in the bedroom, he was ******* her with the window open, it was deliberately humiliate me. My wife is a bit vocal during sex and she let it go when Garrett was ******* her. She cries out what she wants. Garrett is ******* my wife like she was some **** and making her say some God awful things. I heard Garrett barking to my wife, "You like this black nigga ****, dont you white girl?" and then my wife would agree and then she would repeat the same thing. Then it got to a point where she was loud and begging Garrett for his big nigga ****. I was so hard hearing the way he was ******* her but one of the ultimate humiliating things occurred.

Our neighbors dont know about my wife and mine sex life, as far as I knew. While I was washing and my wife was getting ******, my neighbor Jim strolled over. As he waked up the drive he said "Hey Joe, new car there and before I could say anything, my wife, very loudly an intense ****** and cried out "Garrett, baby ****, pump your ******* nigga baby seed deep in my *****." That was very humiliating and ****. Jim stood there for a minute and said "Joe is that your wife's voice?". All I could do was stand there, look down and say nothing. Jim picked up on it, he said "Oh ****" giggled a little, apologized to me, turned around and strolled back to his home. Then again my wife was crying out loud in ecstasy.

A few minutes later it got quiet, Jim and his wife were standing on there front step looking at me, then there was a voice. "Hey cucky, you finished my car yet. Get up here, I need for you to do something". All I can do is stop what I was doing to tend to what he wanted. Long story short. I wound up licking and sucking his **** clean, then cleaning my wife's ***** too. All on his demands and orders.

Im saying that a really good way of humiliating your cuckold is to have your Bull to have total control over the house, you, your ***** and your cuckold. What better way to humiliate a man by allowing another man to come into his home and totally take over, I mean takeover everything and the Bull calls the shots.

I put a diaper on my husband and confine him to the guest room when my lover and I spend the night together in the master bed. This reinforces my husbands position as an inferior man and solidifies Greg (my lover) as he real man of the house.

We tried to have my husband commited to the state hospital, He got to a phone somehow and called legal services from his job and the aclu, The director of admissions said he thought he had a wall fall on him. My husband had presented a writ of habeus corpus. then had a restraining order placed upon his father and me restraining us from seeking committal, The next time we can try is in two years because the doctors panel was found to be biased, and then it has to go before a jury.
I am at my wits end He wont allow me to go out alone with male friends, He insists if there is a function I get invited to he is to be the one that is my escort.
His father is also very angry because his son does not do things in a fair way, in his opinion. He says it doesn't matter that I am his wife I still have the right to go places with out him being my escort. The last time his father came over to chew on his sons rear about the way he treats society. His son my husband just says if he has his way he would tear it down. He is succeeding, He supported a group that has taken the rights of a neighborhood association to refuse entrance to anyone they felt was not the right type to allow, now Indianapolis has a housing discrimination hotline and legal restraint on the power of neighborhood associations, all they can do now is collect fees for common areas. That's by court order.
We try and get him to allow people that are higher in the social hierarchy of the state to at least be able to make suggestions to him. He just tells them to talk into their hat.
my husband gave a twenty dollar bill the other day to a boy to mow his lawn, the boy did it and started up the street when two other boys that were just riding their skate boards up and down the street jumped of and were yelling at the boy my husband had just paid to give them the money he just got they had the boy on the ground when my husband hobbles up grabs the two boys by their shirt collars and hauls them off the other boy. He did not hurt them but butted into a right of passage in our society, The boys parents came down and started yelling about my husband touching their kids. My husband had already called the metro police, the parents wanted my husband place under arrest for interfering with their boys in the commission of a strong arm robbery. The police just said then their boys were going to juvenile and my husband was free. Its still butting into what he did not have the right to.
This is what I mean he takes the underdogs side every time, This is not a society that functions around him.

What are you on? Just walk away.

we aren't hardcore cuckold but in one way or another I've done all these...

This is such a hot list. I've fantasized about so many of these things.

My husband would kill someone that tried to d even one thing on that list. e is not a submissive at all and he would die before allowing it. He would probably take out everyone involved also.

Wow - i crave this treatment

humilate me she has me lock in chastity an in panties

Your husband is lucky!!! I wish my wife was like you!! She used to be many years ago

My wife has done one of them already. She did make me get injections, three kinds. One to control my male hormones, which the doctor felt were high. Second, a mood stabilizer, that is given to control jealousy. The third, I think is a vitamin-B12 which the doctor said helps in controlling temper. I really do feel better now and its like a tune-up. I dont ask her questions about her activity. She knows I am submissive and must follow her rules. Her sister has also made it very clear that I know my place in the house. My wife told me she loves me, which I believe now. Thanks to the injections. I was told by my wife to kiss my sister-in-laws feet and thank her for the treatments. My wife goes out to night clubs with 'friends' but I dont question her. She told me guys may kiss her on her cheeks, arms, and hold her tight, but no sex. I asked her if she would kiss them, but she says may be someday. I felt numb, no jealousy. I am due for more injections and my wife told me that the injections will continue until she and my sister-in-law decide otherwise. The doctor asked if I had any family so they could be informed of my treatments, and she said "yes he has a sister". I was so embarrassed that they told my sister about the injections. Now they all know.

Wow this feed gets me so turned on. I would love to find a woman that would use my sissy *** as their cyber slave boy

wow! i would love to try them on my husband please share more with me it will be highly appreciated


77. I did this ! 100. will be next if he won't obey my rules !

MyLadyK, you are correct, some of these 128 items are extreme. However, they are very exciting to think of. Not every thing in life can be done but we can fantasize. For example, your picture is VERY alluring. Not being able to see your face and imagining what you look like is a turn on for me.

MyLadyK please elaborate. I dont understand your concerns. Are you vanilla? Do you not enjoy the power you have over men as a woman yourself?

Women should have their men emasculated with Depo Provera Injections which performs a chemical castration on him. This way he will not have any sexual urges and will behave properly in front of girls and women. He should lower his gaze and serve women tea. He should be kept under observation so he foes not ********** and release himself. The female hormones can be implanted in his buttocks or upper arms by a woman surgeon. Men must be controlled in a female led society and his buttocks must be pumped with hormones and mood stabilizing drugs until he realizes his position in life. WOMEN RULE. I am under my wife's foot and I wish my mother had taught me that. I had to learn the hard way that men cannot dictate terms to women. We serve them!<br />
Those who accept this order have a more peaceful life and dont fight against this with women. Men always lose since we don't have the capacity to argue and women are superior in relationships. We must beg on our knees for women to do us any favors. Lick their boots and grovel you must before a woman shall let you enjoy her beauty.

Women should have their men emasculated with Depo Provera Injections which performs a chemical castration on him. This way he will not have any sexual urges and will behave properly in front of girls and women. He should lower his gaze and serve women tea. He should be kept under observation so he foes not ********** and release himself. The female hormones can be implanted in his buttocks or upper arms by a woman surgeon. Men must be controlled in a female led society and his buttocks must be pumped with hormones and mood stabilizing drugs until he realizes his position in life. WOMEN RULE. I am under my wife's foot and I wish my mother had taught me that. I had to learn the hard way that men cannot dictate terms to women. We serve them!<br />
Those who accept this order have a more peaceful life and dont fight against this with women. Men always lose since we don't have the capacity to argue and women are superior in relationships. We must beg on our knees for women to do us any favors. Lick their boots and grovel you must before a woman shall let you enjoy her beauty.

She was kidding about the boyfriend. She says she does not want a man other than me. She will however go out with her girlfriends on "girls night out" and dance with men she likes, even close, slow dances, but no sex. She will accept a massage from guys, on her shoulders, but not her feet. She will let guys touch her arms, or even put their hands under her arms while dancing. This statement made me very jealous and I wish I could stop her from doing so (and told her it bothers me) but she told me "its my body, I can do what I want with it". Besides "you wont be there so it does not matter, it wont hurt you since you will not see when a guy takes me in his arms". She said this with a smirk, I disliked, but she is so pretty it suited her. She rules, I obey.

I had done all before

Yes it would be great if she cut me off and flaunted in front of guys. However she tells me she does not care if guys drool at her. She thinks men are low and will always drool. Guys are below her feet and dont deserve any attention. She dresses up for herself she says. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I have stopped trying to understand her. She does not put out either, I have not had sex with her in 3 months. I used to ********** to her sexy arms/legs but she put a stop to that too. I am backup up man. However the armpit shave was a great turn on for me this morning. I have a 10% wife, 90% room mate.

Hi Billy, I love you man. You are so good, commenting on my experiences. So she does not like wearing high heels ALL THE TIME, cause they hurt. She does wear them sometimes, and I know when she did wear them going shopping, because she makes me massage her legs and feet those nights. I spend sometimes two hours massaging her feet, especially the heels, when it is SHE who has the fun of going out and having men look at her legs. I seldom get the benefit of her dressing up as she does this while I am at work. By the time I come home she has dressed down to some ugly pajamas. I get her feet, while guys get her legs and arms. She has beautiful arms and very sexy hair on her arms. This morning she called me in the shower to shave her armpits. WOW. But then she put on a really sexy outfit to go to the gym. Again, I dont get the benefit of it. So sad... :(

Wouldn't it be delicious her totally cutting you off, locking you in chastity and taking several other lovers, tease you about it, and flaunt it on a regular basis. Does she wear high heels all the time? Heels are my biggest weakness.

Hi Billy, nice to hear from you. I love getting comments. Yes she does believe women are superior sex and she loves makeup, and dressing up before going out shopping, gym, or who knows where. (I am not allowed to ask her). I guess I am a level 1 cuckold, which to me means she is not cheating on me, but likes to talk to guys and shows off her legs. She has me convinced that she is not cheating. So this is a special case of cuckoldry that we need to recognize. Someone actually defined the levels of cuckoldry. I may post it when I find it. Last night I asked her in bed if she will consider a boyfriend and in the past she has frowned at me. But last night she said, "after I get my vagina checked by the gynecologist, I will look for a boyfriend". It sent shivers up my spine as it made my **** hard at the same time. Perhaps she was kidding.

I think if your girl wrote this along with " How to make your hubby into a cuckold" then my guess is you are already a cuckold and she just doesn't want to upset you. Ask her.

I like the part about taking pictures and blackmailing him, RIGIDLY LOCKED INTO CUCKOLDRY, just where every sorry *** husband should be including me.

Your point of view is just delicious.

WOW, I would like my wife to **** her lover in the back seat of a limo while she makes me drive. She would lock me in chastity and tease me mercilessly, just delicious, I am dry humping my chair reading this, Thanks for sharing!

I like your list. They would certainly humiliate me. My favorites are: 3, 4, 8, 18, 21, 24, 25, 35, 38, 41, 42, 44, 46, 47, 50, 51, 57, 61, 62, 65, 67, 68, 71, 73, 74, 76, 79, 81, 83, 84, 90, 92 - 95, 99, 100, 105, 106, 108, 112, 113, 119,120. I especially like 120 about inviting hubby invite his friends over to watch football.

wow thats nice way to treat a sorry stupid dumb cuckold. <br />
i like the part ware she makes cuckold eat the hot *** from her *****. and ******* on and in his car. letting her lover use all his prize toys. and her ******* a lover wile he washes his car or paints her lovers house.

Any women here looking for a cuckold husband?