My girlfriend Took 14 Inches Of Big Black ****

My girlfriend Took 14 Inches Of Big Black **** one weekend! Ann was hungry to go to a ***** club on bourbon street and she located two of them in the "what to do" brochure in our hotel. After we walked down Bourbon street enjoying a couple of "hurricanes", I could see that Ann was high. She had her blouse half unbuttoned and her more than ample cleavage was exposed, along with her fully erect and oversized nipples.

We got to the ***** club and Ann focused on a black male dancer named Calvin who had struck her fancy. He offered her a table dance and she took him up on it. He suggested that we move to the rear of the club for a little "privacy". After a couple of minutes I knew that this table dance was going to be like no other that I had ever experienced. When Calvin got down to his G string....I could see that his package was truly spectacular.....Ann took out his penis....OMG....he was so huge....He told Ann that she could kiss it if she wanted too. She immediately kissed it and then put the huge head in her mouth. Several other patrons gathered around to watch what Ann would do next.....well she went down on him like a pro....I didn't know she had it in her......His **** grew.....I swear that the man had 14 inches of hot black **** meat there......Ann worked him for a good 20 minutes when he announced that he was close to *******. Ann told him to *** in her mouth.....a response which got a huge amount of applause from the "gallery" that had gathered at this point. When he came I could see that Ann was doing all she could do to gobble down his spewing ***....OMG it was so can only imagine..... When Ann finished cleaning Calvin's **** she told him that she wanted to buy him a drink at the end of his shift.....He said he would stop back at her table then.....he did.....After they had a drink Ann gave him her room key [we each had one] and told him to come to the hotel as soon as he could.....OMG let me just say that that was an entire night that I will never forget.....
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Hell 14",thats huge,the biggest I've seen my wife take was close to 10' & that was amazing to see !!

What were you feeling as you were watching your friend??

...hi Ann, ur stories r so horny, so dirty

damn, what a story, and, talk about taking some ****! holy ****... !

That is an AMAZING story! Thanks!

I would have paid to see that. Would love to hear more of this story.

WOW , good girl, Impressive

"...Wow, massive **** and wanting big ***** - my 9 incher is nadequate..." - Still want 2b friends

damn that's ******* sexy as hell - sure would have made hell of a night!

Wish I could have been there & I would have had to try out Calvins super ****!!