My Sexy Lusty Wife Being Humped By Her Boss

It was an evening when my wife had invited her boss for dinner. Her boss was 50 plus and my wife Seema was 33. She is a damn sexy woman with big milky boobs. We were enjoying drinks together and Seema was wearing a black flimsy t shirt with deep cut in front. I saw her Boss was gasping at her. Seema had told me that her Boss is highly interested about her . When she went to the washroom, i asked you want her. He was little nervous but on coaxing he said "Seema made his **** hard every time he saw her. He was mad about her breasts and her buttocks and wanted to feel those. He asked me how was Seema on bed. I told her she gives more fun than a highly paid *****. I could see he was sweating inside aircon room. I told can have fun with her now...then after dinner we can hump her together...whole night. He was overjoyed. When I saw my sexy wife comming back i deliberately went to balcony to have a smoke. While going i just told Seema...make your boss happy. From the balcony i stood and saw that he had hold her from back and was squeezing her boobs. Slowly Seema took off her T shirt and bra. Hewas just on her and sucking her boobs. Seema took out his **** and was fondling it...Situation was hot. I came into the room and took off Seema's pants.Seema was nude. Her boss was sucking her boobs and she was sucking my ****.It was wonderful.
Then both of us took turn by turn Seema. We ****** her whole night at least 8 times. When she was riding over me...her boss was putting his **** in her mouth.

That was first time Seema was ****** after marriage by other men. Then it became a regular issue. Seema got a good increament from her boss. Now sometimes I Seema her Boss and her bosses maid about 30 years old have joint sex.

This is just wonderful to Seema humped like a *****

Seema has recently been ****** by her office friend also....They went to Bangkok for a official trip. There she was ****** by 3 men in one room. She was the only lady and 3 men went to the trip. At night in hotel after drinks her friends proposed to have group sex. She agreed. Three of her friends made her naked and ****** her together. She sucked their dicks also. One of them made her eat his ***** also. She was ****** in Doggy style by one. The second person took her on a ride and the third made her do blow job.....her ***** was all red in morning. She was humped about 8-9 times........She took a recording for me which i saw later. Also that night...i had ****** her friend as Seema was not there who came to our house.
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Nov 9, 2012