Flattered By Young Studs

 I wouldn't say that I was addicted to  young men having only been with five in the last 3 years. It all started with my husband hiring a young male ******** to surprise and embarrass me at my 40th birthday party. For the past 8 or 9 years we have lived a double life and have kept the "other" life very discrete and away from our friends, neighbors, work mates. 

Here we were in the back of the house in our large family room with friends, work -mates all enjoying a normal straight party when this tall handsome young man enters carrying a "boom box" and starts his music. Right away, I knew who had set this up and wondered what he was thinking. This "kid" was really built and had abs and a bulge. As he was finishing, he came right up to me, took my hand in his, and hooked them into the top of his G string. Then he came really close and pulled the G string away from his groin revealing a nice thick **** and balls. It was just a second, but I know I turned bright red because of who was attending the party.

He asked me to walk him to the door as he gathered his clothes. So, I left the family room and walked him to the front door. When we reached the door, he turned and told me it was customary to give the "birthday girl" a kiss. I figured a quick kiss wasn't a problem, so I leaned in only to have him engulf me in his arms, grab my *** and give me most of his tongue in a prolonged sexual manner. I felt him harden against me as we parted, but he told me that he couldn't believe I was 40 and kissed me again. Now I was getting a bit confused and flustered because I should be getting back to the party. He asked me if we could have "coffee" sometime. In order to get rid of him, not really thinking, I took a business card from my purse by the door and gave it to him.

When I walked back into the family room, I was greeted with all sorts of cat calls and whistles. I guess my face was flushed and wondered, briefly, how long it had taken me to say goodbye.

I wondered if my husband had suggested to "Chad" that I might be open to his advances, so I didn't say anything about what had happened at the door. It was about two weeks later when I got a call from Chad late one afternoon at work. He asked me to have a drink with him after work. I told him that I might be able to do that but had to check at home and would meet him a bit later at a nearby restaurant/lounge. When I got home, I decided to inquire with my husband, but he seemed surprised and said it would be fine to go, but to remember to be discrete and NOT to go anywhere alone with him.

When I arrived, Chad was waiting for me near the door and we got a small table in the bar. It didn't take long for the talk to get quite suggestive. He made it fairly clear that he found me sexually attractive and was interested in knowing me that way. Having a sexy man that was half my age suggesting that we have a sexual affair was quite an ego boost to me. I played along and told him that it was possible, but he would have to meet me almost 100 miles away at our vacation home at the beach. He said that was a possibility, but would have to check his schedule for a weekend that he didn't have to "work."

After agreeing to meet, soon, I told him I needed to get home. He walked me to my car, opened the door and I got in. Then, after closing the door, he walked around to the passenger door and waited for me to open it. I thought he was being considerate of my situation, but wanted to give me a goodnight kiss. He got in and leaned over to me and we kissed passionately. It was twilight, but there was still enough light for people to be able to see in the car if they looked. I don't know how I got so carried away, but before I knew it, I had his c*ock out of his pants and was leaning over sucking a few inches in my mouth. It just kept getting hotter and hotter and I kept sucking away. Before too long, his c*ock swelled more and it started erupting in my mouth. I swallowed all of his ***** and licked him clean before putting it back into his pants. Here I was in this restaurant parking lot with people walking by and able to see into my car! What was I thinking. Yes, I enjoyed showing this young stud just how good and old woman could suck his c*ock, but I was so flustered that I backed into another car when I was leaving and broke the tail light lenses. Chad called me later that night and we had phone sex until I had this massive O.

Two weeks later, we met at my beach house, but that is a story for another time.

I had already been with several men due to my husband's urging that I realize my full sexuality. Although I thought he was nuts in the beginning, I had now experienced the difference between marital love making and hot raw sexual LUST. Knowing this, you would think that having this young stud who was half my age would be just another experience with several, but I was as nervous as a girl before her senior prom. I primped for the longest time getting ready to greet him looking my very best. I decided to wear lingerie that was sexy, but not overtly so. I wore dark red tap pants and a matching camisole. (can be seen in my pictures posted for those in my circle)

When Chad arrived I was so ready that I took his hand and led him directly into the bedroom without more than a quick kiss at the door. We embraced by the bed for a minute before I started str*pping off his clothes. As he lay back on the bed I told him that my best girlfriend, who was at my party, wouldn't believe this and I wanted to video tape it so I could prove it to her. He was O K with it, so I opened the sliding closet door and pressed record on the camera mounted on a tripod. I climbed on the bed and took off the G string he was wearing and began nuzzling and kissing his growing c*ock.. We were lying crossways on the big king bed, so the camera got a great view of my mouth going up and down and around his thick hard c*ock for several minutes. During the middle of this, I peeled off my camisole and tap pants so we were both naked. It wasn't long before Chad pulled me over on top of him and started rubbing his c*ock up and down my wet slit getting ready to enter me. I was still wondering, as he shoved the head into me, why this handsome and endowed young man wanted to f*uck me. I was so wet that his big, thick c*ock slipped all the way into me in one long slow push from both of us. If it weren't for the video or the one my husband was shooting from his hidden spot upstairs, I wouldn't have remember how long and loud of a moan escaped from me when Chad reached my full depth. I don't know if it was the circumstances of how we met or perhaps the three weeks I had been thinking about what it would be like, but I was in full LUST mode. I thought I would c*um in no time at all. Perhaps it was because I was so hot, but Chad took me in several positions and I still hadn't had an o*rgasm. Then I began to think about it and that didn't help make it happen either. After almost an hour of steady f*ucking, he flooded my p*ussy with his discharge. We rested for a bit and had some smoke from a small pipe he brought. It was the first time I had ever had wacky tabaky that wasn't from our water pipe. When I was ready, I started sucking his c*ock hard, again and he flipped me over and took me from behind, but not up on my hands and knees. Half his body was inside my leg and half was outside and his c*ock was hitting my G spot. I finally had the long awaited o*rgasm, but he kept on pounding me right through it. Then he rolled me over, threw my legs over his shoulders, and gave me a pounding the likes of has never been repeated. Ah, youth is wonderful! I have never been f*ucked so hard, so fast, and so long by anyone. I know he was trying to get me off, again, but it didn't happen. Chad finally collapsed from sheer exhaustion next to me. I wish I could say that we got together several times after that, but I think he just didn't understand that I only fooled around at my vacation home so my everyday life wasn't put in jeapardy. Although he only f*ucked me that one afternoon, it was wonderful. After all, ladies, that one afternoon was probably equal to four or five sessions with your husbands.

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Wow! I would love to see that tape or better yet spend an afternoon with you!

...endowed, how big exactly ???

Tell me, isuckbigtits, just how many women have gotten out a measuring tape when having sex with you? . . . . endowed = does it take two hands with some left over and when you grip it does it feel like a hot Coke can.

great answer!

would you be a dear and add me? xoxo

Wow! I guess I should try and get more n more young guys invited to my house get my wife seduced and ultimately enjoy such lovely experiences

I have shared my 39 year old wife with men much younger than her; in their 20s and she has had some of the best *******, ******* many times. Her latest stud had beads (pearl size) on his **** and made her *** so many times.

Good one...turning me on..Like the young ones say OMG! What a hot story.

I guess we will have to live vicariously through you and your amazing stories. We have a great sex life, but do miss the lust you are talking about. We had a third person once, but find that taking the risk going forward is not worth it. Thanks for sharing.

Like the young ones say OMG! What a hot story. My wife's been teasing about a younger man and I'd be willing to copy your style for her when we're on vcation. Did your husband set this up? Would luv to be friends with you.

No, hubby didn't set it up which is what made it SO hot. A good looking, hot, male ******** half my age put moves on me at my 40th birthday party. How could I not be turned on by that?

So glad for you. Too bad I couldn't make it happen for the wife last week, no prof. strippers where we were. It was an all around bad vaca. Couldn't even get her to the ***** club, she was in the wrong mood all week. But we did get to an adult store..but we didn't buy a thing.

Lol...cheers to inter-age affairs

wow just wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Admire you. Can your husband **** you to the ****** as well or do you need the most impressive studs
For such an ******?

There is a vast difference between ******* with a spouse (yes we have them) and a romp with someone new with lots of LUST.

So I guess that's a "yes, . . . but" response. My husband gives me oral and finger ******* but cannot do so with his penis at all.

Oh, my husband does quite well, thank you. We also just have a hot **** once in a while.

Very sexy!

Wow, that was hot!..did your hubby get seconds after your stud left? pity if it all went to waste.
So your got your big O camel style, you get hit in the G spot with every thrust and **** sink to the deepest deepth of that velvet glove.

Yes, he got seconds for a little while. My ******** stud had actually ****** me so long and hard that I was a bit sore. My husband ended up sucking on my **** and getting me off that way.

great story, i keep thinking a ******** would be a good way to get my wife into a 3 way!

Having a 20 yr old hot hung male ******** wanting to spend an afternoon ******* your brains out is a pretty good ego boost for a 40 yr old lady. Now I am aware that most would probably decline the offer, but the ego boost still applies. In my case, having had a peek at the equipment and the hard body, the temptation was just too great. I also new my husband would have said "go for it"

Ilove you, and want to **** you, sweetheart.

It's amazing that you are very pretty and hot, i like that

Fantasic story :)
Your hubby is a lucky man..

That's an amazing story

Great story. I love a sexy cougar.

too hot!!!

WOW, that is one of the hottest stories I've read on EP. I would love for my wife to have a similiar experience!

Just reread this story for the first time in ages, and still love it. (Deep breath, longer than usual comment/feedback here :))<br />
<br />
I immediately went to your album and checked out your photos, very sexy. "My Milf" caught my eye, and I was stuck there. I imagined what it would've been like to be there to watch young Chad pushing his big head against your slit, and then in, spreading it wider than I ever could. Then slowly pushing it in all the way making you moan deeply. The thought that this young stud was so well endowed, and that he's had such a hot lady like yourself just possessed me.<br />
<br />
I felt my hand slide over the tip of my much smaller penis as I looked at your picture. I meant to think it, but actually said out loud "Chad would easily outperform me with his size and stamina!" At first I was a little embarrassed that I said that, but I couldn't stop petting myself as I said that. I grabbed my shaft with one hand, and cupped my head with the other. Moving my head around in circles in my palm was very nice, but I decided to go faster. I was overwhelmed at first as I rarely stimulate my entire head this way, but I decided to keep going as much as I wanted to stop (it almost became too much sensation for a bit).<br />
<br />
Looking up and down your body in your picture, and overloading my head with sensation, I began to repeat "I would be no match for Chad", "I would be no match for Chad", "I would be no match for Chad"... I looked down toward your waist and just lost it. Your experience and picture helped make a lovely mess over here!<br />
<br />
I would love to have a lady right after Chad has had her. It would be a futile attempt to try to match him, impossible even. Her lack of noise with me in her would be as erotic as her loud moans and shrieks under him. There would be no doubt in my mind or my girl's, that this young stud is way better than I ever could be.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing, funseeker! :)<br />
<br />
"After all, ladies, that one afternoon was probably equal to four or five sessions with your husbands." <3

I am happy that this story got you all worked up

Love that hot sexy story!! You live your life on your terms and that's the way it should be!!

made me horny...

I will try for you ;D

You don't have to be cuckolded in order to enjoy the lifestyle. My husband certainly isn't.

Very naughty, I am trying to get my wife to cuckold me. I just keep working slowly on her. Thanks for sharing.

My wife is now 50 and tomorrow she is going out with a good looking guy in his mid 20's for the first time while I am away on business. She is excited and nervous - but not the first time she has been with other men, just first time this young. I will share this story with her.

Great story! 40 is absolutely perfect. We arranged a hook-up between Julia and one of the interns - I'm guessing he was 21. She was more agressive and physical than I have ever seen her before. She had him undressed in seconds, and was on top and had him in a 69 lock for the longest time. She was so embarassed afterward - but I told her it was excitin seeing her so aroused.

Wow, this experience is so sexy, the stranger part is here, the nice deep sex also, I love it thanks darling

I wish i was that lucky guy.... :)