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We stayed in a hotel on holiday that had a massage centre. One day my wife was doing something and she said while she was out why don't I have a massage. Iwentdownand booked it and had a great massage later that morning.I told her later how good it was and she said she might have one. I said I would book it for her.
I saw the male masseur that had done me and booked him but told him I was going to tell my wife I had book a female to do her and that when he meets her and if she says it should be a female he should say sorry there seems to have been a mix up I can see now that your husband had booked one of the female masuers. I told him that if she let him to it then he had my OK to give her a FULL body massage and to do anything at all that he wanted to do that she let him do.
After she returned from massage I asked if she enjoyed it. She never mentioned that it was a male and just said yes ir was really good and I have booked again for two days time.
Later I saw the masseur and he confirmed that she had booked HIM for the next session. I asked what he had done and he told me he had massaged every bit of her body and right to the top of her thighs and inner legs. He had given her **** a gentle rub and she had not stopped him doing anything. I told him he could take it as far as he could on the next visit.
During the holidayshe visited him a further 5 times and he told me he had relieved her in every way possible and that her initial inhibitions were soon lost and she was happy to lay on her back, completely naked and allowed him to open her legs to get inside her.
As far as she was concerned I had no idea she was seeing a malemassuer.
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Awesome. It's very much like a fantasy I have for my wife.

I LOVE the idea of a male running his hands over her and she has no idea that its a set up. The thought of him touching her **** and up in between her legs and making it seem like it is a massage when really he is fondling her and it must make her excited but I know she will just lay there and let him do anything becasue it a massage and she is too shy to ever say anything.....

wow now that was a awesome true story and nicely planned out ...good work !

I am not going to give the full name of the hotel incase there are any reprecussions but it is a very well known hotel with a spa and male masseurs.........

While dating, my now-wife booked a message with "Michelle", which as it turned out was a French guy. She apologized to me though she said nothing happened. Then she revealed that he complimented her a TON throughout the massage. Then that he had flirted with her the whole time. Then that he had made brief mention of having special lotion that would help with the slight stretch marks on her hips - and basically spent half of the 1 Hour massage rubbing her butt. Last, while he never touched her inappropriately, she did tell me that her p*ssy got wet.<br />
<br />
Ever since, I've set up a full body massage with a male masseuse for her every couple of years. Most times nothing inappropriate occurs, though I always get excited hoping something will. The closest was with a cute guy who got an eyeful, accidentally, my wife swears, as my wife lifted the towel to turn over onto her back. She told me that his eyes got huge (and happy) as she lifted the towel a bit more than necessary and he saw her breasts very clearly. He was wearing white pants, and soon after the breast exposure, she noticed his c*ck getting hard. She said that seeing his hardening c*ck through his pants made her get wet, and made the remainder of the massage very erotic, as it was clearly in both of their minds. After the massage she was showering in a private bath at the spa, and played with herself while imagining him coming into the shower to join her. Very unusually for her, she didn't stop after coming once, but continued on to give herself a second ****** while fantasizing about being f*cked by her masseuse.

Hi Joddie it was in sharm el sheikh.<br />
I have added you to my Yahoo and maybe we can IM chat there?<br />

Where was it that you were able to get a male masseur for her. In UK all of the reputable places won't do it and I won't book her in to a seedy back street place or apart from anything else she would not go to such a place and would wonder why I was booking her into such a place.<br />
We are going abroad in March and I know the Spa where we are goiong has male masseurs that will massage females. I will book her in there.<br />

my wife ended up with a man to her surprise and i have been encouraging it ever since. I have signed her up specifically for a man and told her how much it turned me on that a man was rubbing her while she was naked

It really was such a turn on believe me .......

Very hot story.

Lovely. I always wanted to have some guy saduce and **** my wife and tell me about it. But I home my wife would come clean about it also eventualy.