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We are a couple in our 40 and were on our vacation in Negril Jamaica. We were staying in a very remote island cabin get away. There were 25 cabins on the beach. Each cabin was separtated by trees bushes for privacy, but thats all the window were wide open. Throughout our week vacation we were nude on the beach and around the cabin resort as well as all the other guests. Natives would come around and offer all types of services; hair bradding massages etc. We asked a young man by the name of Dennis how much he charged for a massage the price was very reasonable and we agreed for him to massage my wife. She is 5 '2" 1 on the slender size and smalll but beautiful breast and very thick vaganial lips. He did the massage on the beach wiht her laying on the blanket. He started with her on her belly. He positioned himself in between my wifes legs, which starteld her and me at first. but it was the best way for him to massage her neck and upper back withouth getting sand on both of them. What I had not taken into account is that he was not wearing anything under his native loin cloth. His huge penus was hanging in between her legs the head making contact with her lips. As he moved to put weight on his arms to massage her upper back, his penus head was pushing up against her lips trying to pry them open. My wife would jump when it got to close to opening her up. He was not doing it intentially it was the position and the massive **** he had. I have 8 inches this young guys was at least 8 unches not even hard. When he finished her back side she flipped over again he was between her legs with that massive meat dangling all over her. He finished and later on she told me that after the initial shock of feeling his large member, she relaxed and even got a little horny for me. Later on that week I went on a day fishing trip and my wife was to stay at the beach longing arnd relaxing. She says that later in the day Dennis came by and offered to massage her. She felt comfortable with him and said yes. The massage was pretty much the same until Dennis became aroused and had this huge hard on. She says it was at least 14 inches and about 4 inches thick. This time when his shaft went down between her legs his massive head just pryed her lips open somewhat. His head was not penetrating but getting very close at times. She says he did not attempt to penetrate it was just his movements and positioning that made for the ackward situation. When she turned over on her back she saw that huge erect meat and was horrified. Again when he started to massege her upper body his gland again was at the opening of her lips pushing in as he moved his weight foward. She thought that it would be the same as when she was on her belly. He would touch but not penetrate. She says that just as she was feeling comfortable, he made one hard thrust ramming his head and some of his meat in her. She says she gasped as the second thrust shoved his whole organ in her. She immediatley started to beat him off of her. He plunged into her 5 to 6 times then stopped never *********** and left. Later on we spoke to many of the other visitors and they claim that these natives are accostomed to the white women wanting sex from them. A clear misunderstanding on his part with my wife. We saw him on occasions and he seemed somewhat shy of what had happened and kept a distant from us during our last days The wife and me agreed no more massages unless I am present.
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its still rape wich ever way you look at it and if he was b14 x 4 inches your wife must be very slack and would think your 8 inches wouldnt touch the sides

We were on Orient Beach (St. Martin) in the caribbean last summer. My wife loves to get massages, she asked if she could have one as there were a few young local guys on the beach offering them. They all had nice massage beds out on the beach in the shade, we asked one of the guys how much, he said $60.00, so my wife decided to get one. Orient Beach as many of you know is a nude beach so my wife who is from Europe was sunbathing nude and is not shy about being nude in public. She took off her swimsuit and the guy gave her a good 30 minutes massage, I asked her afterwards if he touched her *****, she said no, but he came real close and that he did massage her breasts. I said how did you like that, I think she downplayed it and said it was ok, but in reality I think she really liked it. That same masseuse later in the day asked if we wanted him to come with a "friend" and meet us both in our room, we declined but the thought of it later kinda turned me on. Maybe next time St. Martin we'll do it, sounds like the masseuses offer "the special friend" deal to all willing customers.

Good Info! We're heading to Jamaica next month so I'll warn my wife that a massage in Jamaica includes a "happy ending".

I'm not opposed if she's up to it, but I'll definitely want to bring some condoms.

party pooper lol[ but on the other hand it is rape if you dont want it or you say NO...


thanks for the story. also, thanks to hotwife905 for the tip. i'll have to plan a vacation to jamaica and make our way to negril. sounds like it could be a fantastic and memorable experience.

TOTALLY same experience with the male staff at negril (although i gave in!) please read our experience in our profile. people, if your not into sharing and the hotwife experience, dont go to negril as there are many places in jamaica where you'll be more comfortable. if you go to negril, expect your wife or gf to be handled and accosted by male staff.