Wife Got A Massage - Vacation

Thought I'd share this story since I thought it was so awesome - not mine though.
I've always had a fantasy of watching my wife with another guy. I guess it's just the voyeur in me. Anyway, my wife is 35 years old and about 5'7" and about 130-135lbs or so with long blond hair. She definitely gets looks. We've been married for 10 years and have 3 children and there really isn't much time that we take for ourselves. In fact we had been in a rut, and not exactly getting along. I mentioned to her that we could use a vacation away without the kids and she agreed. We arranged for somebody to watch the kids and booked a 3 night weekend at a hotel in Miami. We've never been there but Kim has always wanted to go.

Being that Kim and I haven't taken a vacation with just the two of use in quite some time - like 10 years - I was hoping to have some much needed adult fun. We stayed at an Embassy Suites which was very nice. The first day there we spent by the pool and walking along on the beach. Kim wanted to spend most of her time tanning near the pool. I brought along my travel fishing pole and fished while Kim tanned by the pool.

Everything was going OK, but I was disappointed that Kim really didn't seem to be that outgoing sexually. We did have sex, but I was hoping that she'd show off a little by wearing her tiny bikini or wear something skimpy at night like a short mini-skirt or go bra-less. I didn't get frustrated and decided to simply take the vacation as a time away and rest. On Sunday, the second full day there, Kim was laying by the pool tanning and I was in the pool. It was hot and I asked her if she wanted something do drink and went inside to buy us drinks. While buying the drinks I picked up hotel brochure that listed information about the hotel, including activities that are offered. I noticed that they offered massages and said to myself "..a massage..now that's what I could use". Then it popped into my head that I could surprise Kim and get her one. I asked the guy behind the counter about it and he said that massages were offered by the Activities Coordinators and pointed in the direction where she was. I looked over and saw a women at the front desk talking with somebody. I asked if there were any guys, since it was for my wife and not me. He then informed that if it were past 3pm that he'd be the one on duty. I thought for a split moment and then scheduled a massage for Kim at 5pm. I thought it would be right before dinner so she could get the massage and then we'd head straight to dinner.

Scott (his name) was handsome enough and I was hoping that maybe something could happen. I'd say he was in his mid 20's with dark hair and was very in-shape. I wasn't sure if I should surprise Kim or tell her ahead of time just in case she wasn't interested. I brought her the drink and sat on the chair by the pool and thought about it some more. The more I thought about it the more it turned me on of the likelihood of watching another man touch her. I decided to tell her. At first she didn't believe me that I set it up, but after I assured her that I had, she was very happy. In fact at 4:00 she said that she was going up to the room to shower and get ready before the massage. I told her that I was going to stay down by the pool while she showered, and she told me that she wanted me to come up before the massage because she wasn't comfortable being up there alone with a stranger.

Shortly after Kim went upstairs I followed and when she was in the shower I placed the camcorder in my suitcase so that my cloths were covering it but I had a view through the mirror to the room. It was setup nicely so that unless you looked through the mirror you wouldn't even see it. I then went back down to the pool and just before 5pm I went back up to the room and Kim was already out of the shower and fully dressed in shorts and shirt. I joked with her that there's no way she was going to get a massage with those cloths on - she's never had a massage before. She asked what she should wear and I told her that usually you wear nothing and that only a towel is coving your private parts. She was shocked and said that there was no way she'd do that. Just at that moment there was a knock on the door. Kim gave me a worried look and asked what she should do, and I told her to go and put a robe on and just leave her panties and bra on, so she jumped into the bathroom to change while I opened the door. When Scott came in he was carrying his massage table along with a bag that contained lotions. Quietly I said to him to have fun with Kim because she could use it and winked at him. I'm not sure if he knew what I meant, but he only smiled back and said "I'll try my best". Kim came out of the bathroom wearing the robe and smiled at him. We talked a little with him, just small talk, and Scott eventually said "well, shall we get started?" I hadn't fished all day yet, and told Kim that I was going to go down and fish unless she wanted me to stay while she got the massage. To my surprise she told me to go fishing, so I grabbed my fishing pole and headed out as they walked back to the bedroom area.

I was completely going nuts thinking of what might be happening in the room. If nothing else I knew that I had it on tape. the hour seemed crawl by and when 6:00 came I decided to head back up to the room. I took my time, thinking that I'd give them a little more time and didn't get to the room until about 6:20. I put the key in and heard the shower running. The massage table was gone as was Scott. I quickly went to the camcorder and started to rewind it, but the shower turned off so I shut it down and put it away. I opened the door to the bathroom and asked Kim why she was taking another shower. She definitely had a funny look on her face and told me that she needed to wash off the tanning oil because it was "gross".

We were heading home early the next day and unfortunately I didn't have chance to look at the tape until we returned home. When I finally was able to get some alone time to watch the tape, I nearly had a heart attach. Here's what I saw...

As soon as I left the room, Scott asked Kim if she wanted to use the massage table or simply use the bed. Kim said the bed would be fine and then said "how do you want me...I've never gotten a massage before so I don't know....". Scott smiled and interrupted her by saying that however she feels comfortable is OK with him. Kim then asked what most people do and Scott said that most women simply put a towel on and that it covers them up during the massage, but that it's up to her. Kim kind of shrugged her shoulders and said "OK" and then Scott told her she could change in the bathroom, which she did. When she came out Scott told her to lay on the bed face down. As she did he folded the towel so that it was covering only her ***. He then rubbed some oil on his hands and kneeled on the bed and began massaging her upper back. He spent quite a bit of time on her back and shoulders before moving down to her feet and legs. As he was massaging her legs, his hands moved up towards her butt and massaged her butt. As he did he told her "just let me know if you feel uncomfortable and want me to stop or concentrate on a certain area". Kim cleared her voice and simple said "OK". Scott then continued massaging her legs, moving his hands up one side of her butt and massaging it, staying there for a while and then moving up her back and then down the other side. The towel at this point was barely covering anything and I know he must have had a nice view of her *** and *****. I could see that when his hands were rubbing her thighs, it looked like his hands may have been rubbing her *****, but I couldn't tell by the angle of the camera.

Scott then asked if she wanted him to do the front. After a pause, she cleared her voice and said "..um..sure, but can you lock the door." she laughed a little and said that she was afraid that somebody might come in (I think she was afraid I'd come in). As Scott left to lock the door (btw I could see that he had a visible hardon) Kim turned around and laid on the bad on her back, and placed the towel on her so that it was coving her **** to her *****. Scott came back in and put more oil on his hands and began rubbing Kim's feet while Kim just closed her eyes. He spent equal time I each leg and looked to push his hand just under the towel, but again I could see if he was actually hitting her *****. He then put some more oil on his hands and moved up and knelt on the side of Kim and began massaging her shoulders and arms. As he was rubbing just above her **** he asked "..alright to pull this down a bit" and Kim only nodded her head yes. I couldn't believe Kim was going this far. Scott them pealed the towel down to Kim's mid-section so that only her ***** was now covered by the towel and the rest of her body was fully exposed. Scott then proceeded to massage her shoulders again and began massaging around Kim's **** and eventually was fully massaging her **** and occasionally would pinch her nipples, which I know drives her crazy. I could now see by her stomach moving up and down that she was breathing heavy and really getting into it. He then brushed the oil down her tummy, letting only his finger tips push under her towel (I'm guessing trying to gage her reaction). He WAS good. No reaction from Kim other than her heavy breathing and I'm pretty sure that he knew he was in by then. Each time his hands would push down he'd rub along each of her legs and push the towel down, until I could see that her ***** was fully exposed to him. He went straight to her ***** with one hand while massaging her **** with the other. Kim's only reaction was to let out a big breath while arching her back. She spread her legs open and allowed his fingers to run the length of her ***** and enter her. He then bent down and started sucking on her **** while the other hand continued to work on her *****.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This is exactly what I had hoped for. Kim was now breathing really heavy. Scott's kisses trailed down her stomach and went straight to her *****. Again she let out a strong breath and arched her back. He was still kneeling next to Kim wile bending down licking her *****. She looked up at Scott licking her, and then at his **** and then reached her hand out to his **** and began massaging his **** through his shorts. By this time she was moaning and breathing very heavily and she had an ****** as he continued to lick her *****. When she was coming down from her ******, she leaned up and with both hands unbuttoned Scott's shorts pushed her hands into his shorts and wrapped her hands around his bare ****. He then leaned up from her *****, and pulled his shorts off and knelt down next to Kim again. Kim immediately leaned on her side and took his **** in her mouth and began sucking him. While she was sucking him he removed his shirt so that he was naked except for his socks - Kim was complete naked. While Kim sucked his ****, he continued to finger her ***** and within a matter of minutes I could tell he was going to ***...and he did. I was hoping to see Kim suck and swallow all of his ***, but she didn't. She only jacked him off and looked at his **** as he shot is come on her side and onto the bed. As she was milking the last drop from his ****, she looked up to his face. Without saying a word he leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. They began kissing like they had just started, but Chris stayed laying to the side of Kim as she rubbed Chris' arms and back. Then I couldn't believe what I heard next. They stopped kissing and I could barely make it out, but Kim said "I want you to **** me"! he then rolled on top of her and began ******* her. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Kim was moaning the entire time, I couldn't really tell when she had another ****** because it sounded like the whole time she was having an ******. After a few minutes he turned her around and started ******* her from behind. He only lasted a few minutes in that position before he pushed into her and I could tell that he was ******* inside of her. They then collapsed on the bed and rested for a few minutes.

Kim sat up in bed and looked at the clock and said "my husband should be here any minute now, you have go". He then leaned over and kissed her on the lips and said "ok" and then went to the washroom to clean up. Kim just laid on the bed still naked staring at the ceiling obviously thinking of what just happened. A short while later Scott emerged from the bathroom and crabbed his cloths. Kim got off the bed and they walked to the door. Now they were standing at the room door and I now couldn't see anything, but I could still vaguely hear them. Now I know Kim was still naked and Scott had his cloths on, but I heard her tell him thanks for the massage. I then heard what sounded like kissing, and they Kim say something like "..oh, I could that again....but it's 6:00 and my husband will be here any minute" Then I heard what sounded like more kissing and Kim say something like "I see you could do it again". Then I heard what was definitely kissing and then Kim moaning "...oh yeah...." and her breathing hard. I then heard what was unmistakably her having another ****** and him ******* as well. Then more kissing and her say something like " oh that was so awesome....but you really have to leave". I then heard the door shut and Kim walked back in and sat on the end of the bed staring in to space. She then laid back on the bed and her finger went to her *****. She then brought her finger to her mouth and sucked her finger...and did it a couple more times. I think she was pulling his *** from her ***** and tasting it. She then stood from the bed and kind of bent down to look at her *****. As she did I could see her wipe her leg, *** dripping from her ***** I'm guessing, and then she went into the bathroom and I could hear the shower turn on. Not more that 3 minutes after she went into the shower, I came in the room.

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- as mentioned in the first line : The story is not written by me

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