What My 16 Year Old Son Had To Say About Me.

I just found out that my son posted a question on a particular forum saying:

"Why does my Mom flash her boobs around so much?
Okay, so I am 16 and my mom is like 44. She is in really good shape and beautiful and she also has pretty good size boobs. She flashes her cleavage so much! It is especially embarassing when my friends come over and they stare at her! One day she was wiping the floor and was crouching down. Her low cut jeans showed like half of her butt and the top she was wearing made her left nipple clearly visible and her overall cleavage was so huge and her boobs were jiggling so much that I cannot explain. Whenever she bends down, they stare down her shirt and get all excited when her boobs wiggle and stuff. In the summer she would just wear like a bra and really short pants. All my friends just stare! Why? What should I do about this?"

Well, my son. I've lived longer than you and I know how to take care of myself. It's not my fault that your friends constantly stare at me. Your friends need to control themselves and you need to mind your own business. I'll wear whatever I like. Besides I like being noticed. Sorry, my son. I'm a MILF and I like being this way. So, you need to accept that. I see the word "MILF" as a compliment. Life is short and I would rather enjoy it instead of throwing it all away just because you feel embarrassed.
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9 Responses May 8, 2012

good for you mom

i have a 16 year old daughter and i feel the same way...she doesn't get embarrassed at all..matter fact she thinks it hot and teases her boy friends about her mother being a milf...i'm 39 and love showing off..

You don't have many friends i am sure and sound like a s-l-u-t. Have some respect for your son you clearly don't respect yourself. Its time to grow up and stop being a ****. I feel bad for your child he clearly thinks poorly of your behaviour and you don't even care.

I wish I was his friend...I would definitely do more than just stare ;)

Good for you, yes you are a MILF and when I was his age my friends mom was the same and I had such great fantasies about her for years! You are creating amazing memories for these guys and having some fun at the sametime. I agree with you and everyone else keep it (and them) up hehehe...Love to read stories from your point of view of showing off and teasing these teen. I keep asking my wife to do it too, harmless fun ;)

You both have good points about this issue. I know when I was 16 yrs old, if a buddy had a Mom who looked like you and / or flashed us; we all laughed and then got together as a small group of boys learning about sex and jerked off !

He's only 16. Give him a few years and he will come to realize that there is nothing wrong with a beautiful woman showing cleavage. Besides if you were his friends mom Im sure he would stare to, I know I would.

You are such a fun lady and I must admit took his internet question in such a positive way. It just seems you are an excellent mom and a very hot one as well. Thanks for sharing.

Both have good points, it is hard for your son, Im sure, and he gets pissed off by what his friends do and say. Then again, its your home and body and you should be allowed to dress anyway you like. Just talk with him and come to a mutual agreement. Good post.lol