My Wife Was Just Picked Up By Her Date

 Ok this story is finished, it took a few days to get it down.  I didn't want to leave out anything.

So I'm sitting the the living room when my wife walks in all dressed up and advises me that she has a date and he will be here in a few minutes. She takes out my ****-cage and says "drop your pants" and starts threading my balls, one at a time through the retaining ring. My swelling **** soon follows and then the cage covering my manhood slides on as she locks the pad lock and puts the key in her purse.  "There, that will keep you from playing with yourself while I'm out" she says. A car pulls into the driveway and my wife goes out to get in the car with a tall dark handsome stranger. (I am so hard waiting here for her to get back). I had asked her if she had condoms in her purse, she said no, it is his job to bring those, (not that she uses them very often anyway). She says "you can come out and say hi to my date if you want to?" So I introduced myself to him and he told me his name was Evin as he held the car door open and my wife got in.

My wife getting ready for one of her dates.

She drives off for the evening. A few minutes later she sends me a text that says for me to clean the house, get out the candles and prepare our room in case she decides to bring him back home. So I vacuum the house, clean the kitchen and chill her favorite bottle of wine. A couple of hours later she texts me again saying that the are on their way to our house. As it turns out they had gone to a club and had gone to a dark corner to make-out in. She had told him that she is a cuckoldress and that she has sex with other men to entertain me and excite her. He had been reaching up her dress and tweaking her **** as they made out and she felt him through his pants discovering that he had a very thick ****. He had offered to take her to his place so she asked if he would object to ******* her while I watched. He said that he thought that was hot and they decided to cut the party short and bring it back to our house.

They arrive back at the house and walk in to the living room where they start making out feeling each other up as I stand watching, my **** swelling inside my cage. She takes him by the hand and leads him to the bed room where she reaches up and grabs my cage and says "your a good boy for wearing your cage". She then runs her hand up and down the front of her dates pants and says "he's not wearing one, and he has a really huge ****". They start tongue kissing again as he pulls her skirt up holding her naked *** with both his hands. He lifts her skirt up over her head tossing it leaving my wife standing naked wearing only high heals. He grabbed her up and started mouthing her double D *******, sucking her nipples hard and deep making her moan for more. She unbuttoned his shirt and unfastened his pants exposing a pair of boy shorts bulging at the crotch with swollen ****. He lead her to the bed when they lay next to each other tongue kissing one arm around her and one hand between her legs. She lowered his shorts popping out a **** the size of a red bull can which she immediately grabbed and started stroking, her hand only able to wrap halfway around the huge shaft. She looked back at me and said "watch me suck his ****". He grabbed her by the hair and said "suck me" as she pushed the plumb size head into her mouth nearly choking her as she tried to such the behemoth. I watched as she caressed his balls and stroked his **** the head popping in and out of her mouth.

He picked her up and flipped her over forcing his mouth into her crotch tonguing her ***** as he held her, her legs wrapped around his head. He then grabbed her hair pushing her head down on his ****.  The sixty nine-ing went on for about fifteen minutes as they both slurped, sucked and licked each other. He then took her and forced his fingers into her **** probing deeper and deeper making her *** several times. I massaged her legs and *** while she pleasured him holding her hair up out of the way, so as to keep it from interfering with the ******** she repeatedly performed.

My wife all ready for another man.

He then lay on his back with his head at the foot of the bed my wife grabbing his huge member which she continued to suck.  She then straddled him pinning his **** to his stomach with her wet *****. She then began to stroke her ***** back and forth on the side of his **** getting them both ready for the grand finale. My wife looked back at me and said "we're going to **** now, in case you don't want to watch". I nodded my approval and the penetration began.  His hands held her by the waist as he lowered her to his waiting ****, her holding it in one hand and spreading her ***** lips with the other. After several minutes of working the huge member against her, the head of his huge **** popped inside of her plunging deep, stretching her, hitting several spots making her *** instantly. This went on for over an hour as did the feeling of humiliation, excitement and embarrassment that washed over me as my wife succumbed to another mans ****. A wet gush spewed out of her as she came, making a slurping sound as she bounced up and down on his huge member leaving nothing but his ball skin bulging out from under her butt cheeks.

He then rolled her over pulling her to the edge of the bed where he stood up folding her legs back behind her head. Once again I watched as the huge **** thrust inside my beloved wife, bottoming out as his balls slapped against her parted ***. My wife moaned and put up her hands to try to limit how far in he could thrust, but there was no stopping this train. He continued to use her ***** for his pleasure for a good ten minutes before ******* his load, which he delivered bareback squirting several times voiding his balls completely inside my wife's inner reaches. My wife's date now retiring to the bathroom leaving my wife freshly ******, which made my ****-cage unbearably tight, I pulled her back the the center of the bed where she then spread her legs showing me the creamy **** she now possessed. She said "here's your cream pie I think you should eat it". So I went down on her licking the fresh *** filled ***** my wife has provided me. It was warm and salty with the taste of *** sweat and sex all rolled into one. I tongued her making her even more messy as the spooge began to leak out of her. I tongued her **** and deep licked her as far as I could reach inside of her *****, cleaning out her dates *****.

She then produced the keys to my cage and unlocked it allowing my hard **** to spring out like a jack handle. She then said that I should reclaim her, something we always do after she has been with another man. (On dates where she goes off with another man she will have him take a picture of her in a compromising position and text it to me, showing that she is about to be violated, teasing me into a frenzy. She began **** caging me to stop the incessant ************ I would do while she is out on a date. Sometimes when I am at work or out of town I don't know she is dating until I get home. This poses a problem for my reclaiming her while she is still warm and sloppy, and the sexual act is still fresh on our minds. It is important that you and your wife have a reconnection ritual that you do to bring the two of you back together as soon as possible after she has been with another man. I also present her with a cuckold flower arrangement consisting of her favorite flowers and some that resemble penises and vaginas that I decorate with little plastic penis and vagina straws). (See my story on cuckold and sexual celebration gifts and flower arrangements).

The pre penetration pic she likes to have taken and texts to me right before her date enters her.

My swollen hard **** slips easily into her wet and sloppy vagina, stretched and ravaged by the her dates huge ****. The eroticism of this is beyond description. For those of you that have not shared or reclaimed a woman after sharing her have no idea of the range of emotions you feel when you first see, or know that she is being penetrated or the excitement of having her after. The emasculation of another mans penis entering your woman is unreal, the humiliation of him seeing you watch as he owns her and makes her his mate is unlike any other emotion you will ever experience. The embarrassment of having him bareback and *** inside of her or seeing them kiss as they lay there, his **** wet and shiny with her juices and her **** oozing his ***** on your sheets, is erotic beyond anything I can write. It is even more so when you first enter her after he is finished using her for his pleasure.  I feel so close to her and love her so much when she is with a date that I can not immigration a time when I would not want to share or reclaim her after. I only lasted a few minutes ******* her before blowing my load adding it to her already filled ***** making me feel even less acquitted then before, in the shadow of the two hour sex fest I had just witnessed.

Me wearing my ****-cage.

He came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go, my wife hurriedly put on a robe and followed him out of the front door. She came back after about twenty minutes (its the part where she says good night to her date without me being there) and climbed back into bed. We had sex again several times that night and again over and over the next day. We will continue to get millage from this encounter for months or even years to come as we talk about it and re-experience the excitement  and eroticism of the cuckold marriage we enjoy.

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