My Wife Is So Conservative But, Things A Changing.....

today she was naked in the bedroom... I came out of the shower and she like posed and did a little smirk and pose like take a pic of me... and show it off... i was like what?   I know she is liking it that other men are looking at her.... but she is so conservative... its scary...she says she could not think of another man... I say don't just **** she says I can't do that... but, things have changed... in that last year she has really liked the kinky stuff i bring up... and this sharing of pics she is getting to like it... she its like no one knows you but, she is liking
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41-45, M
3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Would love to see her nude.

Interesting very interesting how she is letting go

How is she taking it now?