Total Control

So I have been wearing a chastity cage for almost 3 months now. There have been times that my Key Holder will make me service her and not let me out and it can be quite frustrating and painful. Well last night was a first and a big turn on for the both of us. It started when we went to bed and my wife took her shirt off because she was hot. I laid next to her and put my hand on her *** and started to fall asleep. Then I heard a buzzing sound and opened my eyes. My wife was using her vibrating egg that She love's so much. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was horny so I started to suck on her ****. She said right away that I was not getting out of my cage and to take over using her egg on her. So I neal next to her and start working on her **** while sucking her ****. She puts her hand under me and grabs my cage and starts to pull on it. My **** quickly started to swell in my cage and my balls started to hurt. Now anyone who uses a chastity device knows that a hard on hurts when locked in a CB. My cage is 3 inches long and when im hard I am almost 7.5 inches long so do the math. My ball sack was quickly running out of skin as my **** was pushing the cage further and further away from my body. I was hurting so much I could feel my face getting hotter. She knew what she was doing to me and she was getting more and more excited. She started to play around my rosebud and push her wet finger in as I was busy working on her. And then it happened I felt something much bigger than her finger at the entrance of my ***. With a sudden force my Key Holder shoved an anal intruder straight into my ***. We have played around before with each others ***** before but this was totally for her pleasure. All I could think about was getting her to *** before my *** was completely rapped. She sensed this and told me to slow down and be gentle as she is ramming me with a *****. So I tried not to think about my painfully hardened **** and my *** reaming as I slowly work her to an ******. When she finally came she jammed the ***** to the hilt and left it there for me to take out. I don't know how to feel about this whole ordeal. It was painful but very exciting at the same time. This is the first time my wife has dominated me and I think I love it . The more it runs through my head the more I want her to do it again. When I got up in the morning to make her lunch and breakfast before she left for work my underwear was full of dry *** even though I didn't get out of my chastity cage. She said that she liked what went on last night as she kissed me goodbye and left for work. I need to be careful what I wish for.
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Hot story

So lucky! I hope you both begin to explore this more!

Would you consider writing more stories and adding me? Thanks Billy

I am dying for her to lock me up and tease me till I cry and make me bang her with a strap-on still locked, my eyes are watering just thinking about it!

the joys and pitfalls of chasity <br />
good luck

your so lucky I wish my wife would cuck me like that

I've heard you can permanently lose the ability to become erect after so long. careful with that ****

i am in cb3000 an this time i been lock for 6 months now does not look like wife will unlock me till chrsitmas maybe<br />
i must please her all the time with tongue ***** anal i use vibrator on her an if i am lucky she will milk me sometimes it is very nice some times she is rough

Love your story.Sounds like your wife is quite a woman.You're a lucky s.o.b.

i am lock in cb3000 wife kh<br />
been in chastity life for 10 years<br />
now its 4 months since i was release

Are you interested in her taking another lover and making you watch while keeping you locked up? That is such a hot fantasy of mine!

My husband goes out of his chastity cage once a month.<br />
If it is suitable,..., otherwise, no output.<br />
It has been 4 months since he has not come out.

Just the sheer helplessness of it is a huge turn on for me. I also fantasize about her tying me up and forcing me to watch her lover **** the living s**t out of her. Just delicious!!

Bibliopole you are too hot would love the chabce to be with you. Id love to lick you all over

What an awesome story.... Will be interesting to see where your wife takes this next

I started chastity may 4, 2010. So as of now I have been wearing it for 6 months. I only went 2 weeks without an ******. My wife only makes me wear it so I don't jerk off. But I do wear it 24/7, once sex is done I'm back in chastity.

that is just like me i only get sex 2 times year if lucky 6 months nice im starting 7th month as of today i wear cb3000

Very good of your wife to do this for you. If I was she, I would keep you in your CB for at least a year... maybe longer.

WoW!!!! Kudos to the wife.... and I can only imagine how it was for you. Enjoy!!!

I have lived in a very strict femdom lifestyle for over 15 years. And most of that time i heve been in one of my chastity devices. So listen to others and be very careful what you wish for

wow would love that. But as always Be careful what you wish for.

Oh, dear. You'd better try not to think of anything *too* erotic, like your hotwife being roughly serviced by someone far more equipped to serve her needs, while you're forced to watch helplessly with a vibrating plug shoved up your sissy man-****. <br />
<br />
Or anything like that. That might cause you to have a painful erection and be tempted, and we wouldn't want *that* now, would we?

Wow. That sounds like a terrific experience. I've never had a chastity device put on me, but I would really like to try it.

Prostate milking. Clears the built up ********* without you experiencing an ******. Very healthy for you, yet evil because you are left even more horny now!