She Figured It Out

Back in College my then gf who is now my wife would take me to this secluded street often to give me a quick hand job or ******* when I was in quick need.  It was night time and our senior year.  I was in front seat and pulled my pants down and started working my **** while she would start telling me hot stuff as she always would do that would escalate and make me ***.  She always had a bunch of subjects or stories which we shared to get off about.  She also knew that when I was horny as hell and about to burst from her stories, she could get me to tell her anything in the total heat of the moment...She started talking about my roommate, she said stuff like cmon you can admit it you are into one will know...just tell me about your bisexual fantasy and acts.....she kept saying all the right things making things get incredibly hot to the point I told her everything...As I was totally giving her the detail about how I was sucking off my roommates **** daily she ripped off her pants and started to ********** right there with me continuing to get me to expose the most secret detail of all my sexual activities I had been secretly having for about a year.  She was SOOO turned on we both had strong ******* and were so into it.  

Of course she knows not only that but all my fantasies now and to this day we continue to explore and she role-plays things and acts which I told her about regarding my roommate....IT IS HOT when she totally acts like she is him....

izbebi101 izbebi101
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

What a hot night...getting to open up like that and her getting so turned on about it all!

WOW... That is really Hot.<br />
I do want to hear more, have to figure out how to chat?