Having A Wonderful Wife That Encourages My Feminine Side!

It is such a Plaesure to have a Wife that encourages your feminine side. I have been married for almost 29 years and my wife, who was Always a Tomboy and Hates to wear dresses or skirts or pantyhose or high heels actually Likes that I do! It is wonderful to have your wife buy you a Beautiful Sweater Dress, from Victoria's Secret as a Christmas Present, and pantyhose and tights. We also like to go to Thrift stores where she buys me skirts and tops. Now for her, these items are "Off Limits"...She HATES the Vulnerability of a skirt or the Daintiness of pantyhose, but...she LOVES seeing me in them and running her hand up under my skirt! For sime this might seem Strange, but for us it is a "Delight". I wish others could experince the Great Joy that comes from Gender Role Reversal!

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I don't know if anyone is still following this pos but I loved it and I hope your marriage prospers for at least another 29 years. I think the secret of making a marriage last these days boils down to communication and being able to trust your partner enough to share your thoughts and feelings. It appears that the two of you have mastered that and are both happy with your arrangement.<br />
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There are a lot of married couples that while they claim they love each other just can't handle the truth and when things like crossdressing surface it spells the begining of the end for the marriage. Being honest with yourself and sharing that honesty with your mate can often prove more difficult then anticipated. A woman may tell herself that she is ok with her husband staying home and living as a crossdressed wife but live in total fear of neighbors, family or friends finding out or overtime began to lose respect for him. It is a slippery slope that requires constant communication from both partners.<br />
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In the instance where a wife is afraid of her husband being found out this is not an option, whereas in the woman supports her husbands feminity and encourages him to openly express it then the ball is in his court. From personal experience I will say that when that time comes and a man ventures out in his female persona for the first time the success of that venture will be ba<x>sed on his ego and ability to to be honest with himself in accepting his femininity. If he can do this it will be expressed in his attitude and he will experience an entirely new sense of freedom.<br />
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In the end it isn't about what others think of your life but about what you think of yourself. If you accept yourself and see yourself as a woman others will follow.

'm perfectly happy in skirts but I'm a bit of a tomboy too so I empathize with your wife and I know what she means about feeling vulnerable in a skirt around a masculine man. I like strong men, but I also like sissy boys and I wear pants most of the time.

My wife caught me about 1 month after we wed, that was over 30 years ago. She gave me the best bj that day.

I agree, you are blessed!<br />
Do you wear your skirts and dresses in public?

You have such a nice relationship and there are benefits for everyone.

My wife used to be very supportive of my feminine side (god rest her soul) and she even encouraged me to date men whenever I got the chance. Since both of us were bi it was easy and had many good times with other people in our bedroom. She even had a gorlfriend that adored me dressed as a woman. Enjoy her while you can for you are blessed.

If you are enjoying this part of your life imagine (if) your son or sons could experience the same..

Yes you are blessed. If only more wives and mothers would bring out the feminine side of their husbands and sons. A couple of dresses or skirts placed into their wardrobes for those special occasions, like birthday parties and the like.

You are truly blessed!