What I Like

What I really like is the way my wife understand and accepts
that I'm a cross dresser the way she complements me by
not noticing and noticing the way I'm dressed or my make up
or  when she comes home for work and say wow you haved
wore that for awhile and when she gives me a hug and kiss
grabs my *** to see if I'm wearing panties and smiles and
calls me her sexy husband just like normally before I told
how I like to wear women's clothes
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41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I met mine though a mutual friend. We were friends before we became more... the relationship just sort of evolved until one day cupid hit us both with the same arrow.<br />
<br />
She took the news very well. At first it was just the pantyhose, but the feeling and need for more came flooding back for me. When it did I told her and she took it in stride. She wasn't quite sure at first but gave it a try and found she likes it.

where did you meet your wife and how was she when you told her about your crossdressing ?

You are one lucky girl to have such an understanding wife. I would love to meet a couple like youselves.

I hear you, my wife calls me sexy when in dressed up or in guy clothes. She rubs my silky legs (which she enjoys as much as I do) and she also compliments me on how I look. My favorite it when she says how she likes how i look in that. Just makes me happy and love her even more :)