She Doesn't Like It, But She Lets Me Get Her Off While I'm Dressed

I've been dressing up at bedtime for about 10 years. At first I would wait until she was asleep before I'd get out of bed and get dressed. Then one night when I got back in bed wearing my sexy nightie while wearing a garter belt and stockings she woke up and grabbed my hand and put it on top of her ****. I started playing with her until she pushed my hand away which meant she got her's. At that point I got on top of her as I grabbed my **** and put it right at her hole. My **** just slipped in before she reached down and felt my stockings. She didn't say anything when he id touch my stockings because she told me later she couldn't figure out why my legs were so smooth.

For the next year we would always have sex this same way. Then one day for no real reason she didn't want to be touched if I was dressed up.

It was about 2 years later before she would let me touch her while being dressed. I'll tell you later what happens between us today, in a later note.
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I think marriage and sex become so broken that we search for a good twist. I think my wife would freak out she says i have gay tendancies as it is and that is over a mear desire to be *** ****** lol,

So tell us what happened?

My wife was the same way at night I would put a cheer outfit on and we would have great sex but lately she told me that she didn't want me to do that anymore....when I have it on the sex is 2 times as good plus I like the way it feels on my skin....when I was in high school my mind was all girl but I hid it away from everyone til last December I came to the conclusion that I want to be a girl instead of a guy

I now go to bed with panties and a bra. However, I keep them under my PJ,s.
It's been a long time from the last bed pounce enisheated by my wife! I am happy for you getting this far!