She Says No Bra

I started to wear panties and hose for health.  I then told her I wanted to wear skirts, and she said, if you do you have to wear slips.  So now I'm up to most of the clothes for the lower half, she said no bra, but she bought me two lace trimmed white cami's and I found some of my mother-in-law's blouses, I haven't started with make-up yet. I wear panties, hose, slippers, and cami all day since I have retired.

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I rather wear cammi top then bra,and live on own but each to ones own taste,its what YOUR comfortable in that counts!

I love the feeling of a soft camisole caressing my nipples as I move<br />
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My wife to accepts me wearing anything except a bra, I wear satin blouses, camisole's, dress's, nightdress's and pvc mack's. Though I do wear them when by myself.

You are one lucky girl. I hope when I retire I can dress as much and as often as you do. I would love to find someone to go on a trip with where we can be girl friends and lovers.

i sleep in panties bra & nightgown with my wife love skirts & tops to

because of prostate cancer, i had the prostate removed and to get all the cancer, the doc had to removed a lot of the nerves and I lost all control of my ability to hold urine. I had a artificial urinary sphincter implanted, I do have leakage and I have to wear a pad to keep my pants dry, Men's underwear are cotton and they would streach out of shape and I would leak. So I figured, women wear pads and no problem, so I started wearing nylon streach HiCut panties and that solved the problem, but now I wouldn't give up my panties if I didn't need them anymore. I just love women's panties. I don't own any men's underwear and don't intend to buy any. Right now I am wearing two pair of panties. When I tuck my **** and balls I wear one size smaller (size6) and then if I don't have pantyhose on, I put on a pair of full streach brief and it really feels good and looks good, very small mound and it doesn't show under my skirts.

very good story and its good she accepts you but to bad about the bra thing

Great story... I find myself reflecting on my situation...<br />
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In my experiemental days as a kid I would put a bra on and stuff it with extra pantyhose. I never really enjoyed the bra though, I just thought it was a necessary accessory to feel more girly when I dressed.<br />
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Now I have a different outlook on my dressing habits. I love to wear pantyhose first and foremost, I wear them most days to work and quite often around the house. When time permits I like to slip into a cami and skirt, or a nightie, etc. I have happily gotten away from bras, and I don't wear makeup. I just hang out with my wife while in in a short skirt and nylons. We try to find lingerie that doesn't have pronounced breast areas.... for the simple reason that I don't have breasts. There nothing anatomically limiting a guy from wearing any other piece of femal clothing. We both have legs, thus pantyhose. Skirts fit fine too. I think the difference for me is that I just like being a guy in a skirt and nylons.

I am in sort of a strange situation, although i am sure there are others. I am not sure my wife approves but she doesnt say anything about wearing bras or panties . I have many bras and panties at least 50 of each of my own as well as dresses, wigs .shoes , makeup as well as many other womens cloths.she actualy bought my first bra and panties as well as a makeup set for x-mas one year.since then I buy my own.she did say something one time when i was wearing makeup at home.I really should be wearing a bra full time as I do have fairly large breasts from taking hormones, a 40b/c. I feel very comfortable in a bra and havent been to concerned with anyone noticing.I would like to dress full time but we still have 1 son still at home and I am not sure if he knows or suspects. I am curious what kind of bras the rest of you wear, I have my preferences.

I think I'm a little jealous that you have 50 bras! I have huge *******, so my bras are worn until I wear them out! When I wore a smaller size, bras were easier to find (and I had a bigger budget) so I had lots of bra and panties sets. These days I try to purchase a new bra every couple of months because I'll have one that is ready to retire. If any of you ladies has a good bra connection for size 42I, I would love to know about it.

Dear Megangirl,<br />
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I found that cami's with shelf bra's work for me when I have the "need."

NO BRA!!!!! To me a bra is the most feminine thing to wear. They are made for women but I find wearing a bra really brings out the femininity in me.