My Lovely Supportive Wife

When I first came to the big city I started to go out with my real first live in lover and she loved to put make-up on me as she loved the band Japan and the way that the lead singer looked. I loved it though she didn’t know why at that stage – I fantasised about telling her and how she would let me dress in her clothes. One night I talked about her putting the make-up on me and blurted out the truth about my need/love for cross-dressing. She gave me a skirt to put on right there and then and asked if I wanted to put some of her panties on – I took the skirt but refused the panties – scared to push it so soon. We made love straight away and almost before I got my breath back I asked to put the panties on too – the effect on me was instantaneous (I was a young buck then ;)) and we made love again. She saw how it affected me and from then on was most supportive, dressing me, lending me clothes and doing my make-up etc.

From then on I have always told my SO’s – sometimes with bad results, sometimes with great results. My wife happily is on the latter side and I happily dress at home whenever I feel the need. She has bought me loads of clothes and undies, breast forms and books on cross-dressing – I lead a very happy trannie life now!

SusanMarina SusanMarina
8 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Wow! You are the fortunate one!!

Thanks to all who commented here - yes I am so so so lucky and I know it! I hope you find someone like my wife too!

my wife supports me too... she just doesn't fully understand it

Congrats Susan. I know exactly having a supportive GG is the best.

You're one lucky guy.

You're one lucky guy.

You have found a very special lady, I wish we could experience such a wonderful tiime with our women.

Congrats!! You are indeed very lucky!

Jennifer - I wish you could have the same happiness that I have found!