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I Wish I Had One!

I wish I had a wife that would wear lingerie, hosiery, heels, and panties with me. Any ladies out there interested????
wjk1849 wjk1849 46-50, M 2 Responses Dec 28, 2012

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You too eh? My wife buys them for me, I wear them, and she does not but participates in her underwear. I tried early in our marriage to get her to dress for me, I was not such a crossdresser then, now I am the one who dresses in lingerie and she likes it, supports it and we are happy. I wear all types under my male clothes 24/7 including going to work. My latest endeavor is bras, girdles, and stockings under my male clothes. Winter time is the easiest. I am over my bra and panty lines showing concern now, she is not, and I respect that. I lover her deeply and always keep my respect for her concerns the top priority.

Well yes you are indeed!