Hottest Thing My Wife Ever Said

The hottes thing my wife ever said to me came just a couple weeks into our relationship. One night after sex she randomly said " would you be mad if i told you yours is the smallest **** ive ever been with?" i was very offended at the time but now i think its hottt. My wife's ex boyfriend was an inch or an inch an d a half bigger than me. She has been with a guy with a 9 inch ****. She said she didnt like the 9 inch but her ex's was her favorite ever. She said that he fit her perfectly and felt the best. she also said that she liked the size of his balls. they were big enough to slap her *** when he ****** her and she loves that feeling. shes told me more than once that she wished my balls ere bigger.

One day in the car she was looking up indicators of fertility and ***** count. She got upset because i didnt have the features that it said. the main one was big balls. she said since my balls are so small she was sure we would have trouble having kids.

all these little things she tells me with out even thinking about it. i love her =D

maybe one day she will find a man who has what she is looking for
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What really make me hot-n-horny is when she would bring one of her well hung BF's home and make me watch while he ****** her brains out. I use to feel lucky having a 6 inch ****, but all of her ****-buddies have at least 8 inches and most have better than 10 inches of really thick meat.

i would love that but she hasnt started playing with other men yet