Wife Finally Had Big And Loved It...

Wife went on a date last Monday, well, you can call it a date...but really she went to a guys house to get laid. Anyway, the guy had told her he was big, but never very specific...so she didn't know what she was getting into until he pulled it out for her...all 10 inches of it. 10 big, thick hard inches. She was nervous, she'd never had anything near that big...and she can't handle a very big **** without pain and discomfort (which she likes a bit anyway with her sex) She loved sucking and stroking it...she says the best part of his big **** is just getting to play with it. She can't deep throat him, but she can get a good portion of it down.

He ****** her hard and long...she admitted that she'd never been ****** like that in her life...the first go around was an 1 1/2 hours of pure hard thrusting with his 10 inches...and he was shoving it all the way into her. She said it hurt, but not so much that she didn't enjoy it. She also took all 10 inches in her ***...which she said was awesome...and easier to take than in her *****.

The next day she was in a lot of pain and discomfort, she admitted she had a good time, but wasn't sure if she wanted to see him again or not...nothing to do with him personally it was just the pain and discomfort associated with the sex. This past Saturday, he invited her out again, and she decided to give it a go. He agreed to take it easier on her this time, which he did.

She came home this time without the pain and discomfort...just the pleasure of taking a 10 inch **** all night long. This time she spent 7 hours with him...she said his **** was in one of her holes almost the entire time...she couldn't get enough. Within minutes of them finishing up...she would go for his **** again. She sucked him, he ate her ***** and ***, they ****** in a bunch of positions, she rode his ****, he stuck it in her ***, ***** ****** her...she came 9 times. She never thought she would actually experience a **** that big, nor did she really think she had a desire too...after having it, she now admits to loving it wants more big ****.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Mine is afraid of big dicks or she says she is. Extenze works for me and it put an inch on. She has not complained. She always said I was just perfect before but seems to like the bigger size a lot. I am not sure she could handle 10 inches. I am seven and thick and can make her sore pretty easy. It would be fun to see if and how she would handle one that big.