Tried Her First Big One At Work

My wife works at a hotel.A younger guy who works as a car parker started flirting with her .He would walk her to her car at the end of her shift and one time showed him his ****,she said she got nervous and scared at first because it was so big ,the way it flopped out,now I'm about 7" and she said he was about a good 11" with a "real big head" .Let me start from the beginning.I worked at a hotel when I was in college as a bellboy, so I Know how women that start working there turn into cheating ******,not all but most,even the single ones get ****** a lot esp by the maintenance guys and valets.Karma?lol,I guess so .Well any ways, were laying in bed one day (we both called in work just to take a break) and were watching tv so I start rubbing her ***** so she can get in the mood to get on her knees for me,I just ask her if any of the guys at work have flirted with her and she just smiles and closes her eyes and says "why?would you get mad?" I tell her "no" but I know how hotels are and how guys are ( I'm picturing how I used to be) she just says "your crazy" and I tell her you can't tell me none of those valet guys haven't flirted with you, I know how they are. I'm still rubbing her and I can tell she's getting horny .I tell her it would turn me on to hear about other guys flirting with her,now in all the 16 years we've been together I've never told her that.Well to make a long story short, he started out by showing her his **** and she liked it .She said she liked it from the first time she saw it and"wanted to put her mouth on it" to see how much she could "take".That really turned me on and she noticed. I started rubbing under her panties and she was wet and I told her "tell me more baby,it's turning me on".She said she didn't want me to get mad and lose me.I told her to please tell me ,I'm not mad that it turned me on and horny .She said after a few times she started out by jacking him off in his car and wetting her finger and rubbing his head with it ,soon she couldn't hold back and she told him please don't tell anyone about this and he promised he wouldn't .I asked her what exactly happened next to tell me every detail.She pinned her hair in a pony tail while he slid his seat back and she went down and closed her eyes as she opened her mouth , now this dude is 25 - 26 years old and my wife is 35 years old and mexican , believe me she is hot,not high heels and lots of make-up on hot but next door lady hot, I asked her to describe and that's what she said and I believe her cuz she doesn't like her hair in the way,now I'm ready to blow right there and then ,I stop stroking my **** cuz I don't want to *** yet.So I tell her to keep telling me that it has me hard.She starts sucking up and down a little and he asks her if she thinks she can take it all and I ask what did you say,she told him I don't know and that he pulled his pants all the down to lay back more ,she went down again and opened her mouth and she took him in about three quarters,I asked her to show me about how much and she held her two index fingers about 9 inches and sat up and asked me if I was mad and gonna leave her I said "no" that it turned me on and she asked me why I said it just does ,we'll I make her tell me the rest and she told me she just kept sucking his **** and that he was telling her things like "I knew you were gonna like it" and "You suck **** real good" and that he would have her turn her face towards him so he could "see " her and have her close her eyes again.Im thinking "this horny mf" is using my wife but I'm still rock hard.She blew him till he came two times.I asked her what happened afterwards and that he took her to eat and then dropped her off a few blocks from hotel they worked and that since it was a Sunday and Sundays are busy she was scared and told me went she got home that housekeepers called in and she worked late which really happens and I fell for it,.well there's more but thats all ill write for now,I'm hard so I gotta go and release or maybe I'll wait for her to get home and tell me more about her sessions with him
while she jacks me off

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Lucky girl lol Hoepfully she will experience more BIG studs!

Good husband. You should let her feel it inside of her. She'll never forget it.