Next Date

My wife and I were just sitting here talking about a date coming up. I found  a guy for her, It was the first time I ever found a **** for her. I told her about him and gave him, her chat address, and they have been tall king quite a bit. She likes to get to know her man a little before he gets to **** her. Once in a while he gets his **** out and she watches him play around, They both like that.

  So anyway I just wanted to let you all know that it really turns me on to watch her type messages to him. So we were just sit tin here and that subject came up. See he's supposed to give her a massage first then that will lead to who knows what. I asked her how she would like to go from back rub to sex? She said I don't care just as long as it's good. I love her so much. I'm sure he will know when she 's ready for his ****.  I will tell more as story progresses

Couple4fun Couple4fun
Mar 16, 2009